Episode 10 – Theranostics: Responding to its Resurgence

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Episode 10, “Theranostics: Responding to its Resurgence,” by Lyle Wilson and Steve Sosnowski. Overall theranostic agents are rapidly changing nuclear medicine departments importance by forcing them to be more multidisciplined, working with other departments in the hospital (radiation oncology, interventional radiology, endocrinology, pharmacy, etc), and have the potential of dramatically increasing reimbursement. This has raised the profile of an imaging modality that has thought to have stagnated. However, it has also placed high demands on staff as the workflow for these treatments and imaging studies are very different, and can be demanding in terms of time and safety.

From a medical physics standpoint, nuclear medicine departments need assistance from their Radiation Safety Officers, and physicists to help develop policy and procedures, complete radioactive materials licenses or amendments, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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