2019 AHRA Innovation Award

While the field of medical imaging continues to evolve, industry leaders are devoted to developing the latest and greatest products and services that enable advancement. Congratulations to the winning products and all featured who have demonstrated innovation and advancement in the field of imaging!

Is it Time for a New Type of Imaging Technologist?

There is a team consisting of industry representatives preparing for a full day retreat in April to dialogue and debate a potential path forward. It is hoped that the organizations that define and support our profession will be good stewards and will enable imaging technologists to evolve as quickly as the technology they operate.

Improving the Radiologist Work Place

By Greg Patrick, BS
While the initial conversion from film to digital drove early PACS furniture and reading room design and location decisions, modern considerations must enable the radiologist to perform a multitude of tasks, read more studies, and integrate more information, all within the same amount of time.