Continuing Resolution Legislation Extends Repayment of Medicare Accelerated Payment Program

The House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to extend federal funding from September 30th until December 11th.
In addition to extending federal funding, the bill extends the time providers have to repay accelerated and advance Medicare payments from 210 days to 29 months. It also lowers the interest rate for re-payments made after that date from 10.25 percent to four percent. Read more…

Episode 06 – What is The New Normal?

Episode 06, is the 3rd and final segment of the series reports back on the current state of operations and new routines designed to protect patients and staff regarding COVID-19. Moderator Joanne Hoener, from Bayers portfolio team is joined by industry experts, Bill Algee, CRA, FAHRA, Columbus Regional Hospital in Columbus, IN, Amanda Garlock, CRA, Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, WA, and Brian Fox, CRA, from Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX as they candidly discuss emerging from the Coronavirus crisis and talk about lessons learned, best practices and next steps.