Episode 08 – The Many Faces of Quality: A Radiology Administrator’s Survival Guide

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In Episode 08, “The Many Faces of Quality: A Radiology Administrator’s Survival Guide,” quality in radiology means many things and impacts multiple stakeholders across the care continuum. From patient processing and resource staffing to image acquisition, report creation, critical findings notifications, and follow-up tracking, the quest for optimal quality requires diligence and attention to detail. Unfortunately, it can also be time and resource consuming. Harnessing technology to streamline processes and automate quality initiatives can deliver value even beyond better clinical and financial outcomes. It can help combat burnout and improve job satisfaction across the department, reduce turnaround, and create a department that is recognized for its excellence across the enterprise.

This podcast delves into these topics with a lively conversation between two Nuance quality experts and product leaders, Jamin Wunderink and Gus Borrego. Collectively they have nearly 40 years of experience in outcomes improvement, technology innovation, and radiology service delivery.

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