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R Edge     By: Robbie Edge, CRA, FAHRA 

Somewhere, in the blink of an eye, forty-six years have gone by since I graduated from “X-ray School” at Lankenau Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.  I was a young, energetic technologist primed for the future and a wonderful career.

            Now comes the time to reflect on those many years, all the changes, accomplishments and great people I had the good fortune to work with.  Like many of you, I spent the first 13 years of my career as a technologist.  I did Nuclear Medicine before the license was required, learned mammography and CT on the job.  Worked in hospital settings, an orthopedic office and a mammography center. 

            Then came that day when I was promoted to a shift supervisor and I LOVED it!  I loved it more than taking care of one patient at a time as I quickly realized I could influence the care of ALL the patients that come through our shift.

            Since then, I was a manager in a hospital setting and a director in two other hospital settings.  The last 18 years I have been here at Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, a multi-specialty physician practice in Central California, where we have seven locations, the largest in Modesto.  The amount of growth and technology changes have been astounding.  When I trained, CT, MRI, and PET/CT did not exist, at least at the community level.  Imaging moving to a digital platform has been a major game changer in terms of acquiring images and more easily sharing them.  I had a chat with one of our students the other day and we talked about can you imagine what will change by the time you are my age?

            I was in the inaugural group for the CRA credential and was terrified I would fail!  Body-of-knowledge tests are so difficult!  I was fortunate that I could pull from experience and passed that test.

            I had the pleasure of serving AHRA in many capacities over the years…everything from writing peer review journal articles for Radiology Management, articles for Link, serving on the Design Team (and as Design Team “Queen” twice), serving on the Board and as President.  All this work was so gratifying and the opportunity to network was unbelievable.  I now have friends all over the USA and in Australia that I would not have met.  Truth be told, the BEST job in AHRA is being on the Design Team.  Lots of fun, lots of work and there is a DEADLINE.  You simply cannot fail!  The strategic learning I had has become invaluable not only at work, it’s helpful serving on our church board and understanding other not-for-profit organizations.

            As one ages, people ask if I have any advice, and it’s just this: be kind.  Kindness means you will plan for the highest and best for everyone in your sphere of influence and locus of control.  Kindness means you take everyone where they are at this moment.  Kindness means you take care of yourself.  Kindness means you give your best in every situation.

            I am excited for the future as I know there are some awesome Radiology Administrators that will lead us ahead in the years to come.  Embrace change, live in the moment and remember “the days are long, and the years are short.”   (Author unknown)

Roberta’s last day of work is August 2, 2021.  Join all of us at AHRA in wishing her a well-deserved retirement filled with good health, love, and happiness!


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement Robbie! Thank you for your generous support over the years!

  2. As I read your reflections, a lot of my own professional experiences mirror yours- it seems like yesterday when I joined AHRA-since then I have had the honor and pleasure of serving on many committees, both national and regional- what a learning experience! I wouldn’t change any of it-
    Congratulations on your impending retirement and thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and the rest of the members!

  3. Congratulations and enjoy your retirement!!! Being kind is an awesome credo as we all need that. I also loved your perspective “I loved it more than taking care of one patient at a time as I quickly realized I could influence the care of ALL the patients that come through our shift.”

  4. Congratulation Robbie! I retired in December and was also in the inaugural CRA group as well. I really enjoyed that meeting in New Orleans and the parade we had was great! Thank you for all you have done for the organization and I hope you well in your retirement! I had hoped there would be a CRA reception this year so we inaugural folks could see each other again but I hear that isn’t happening. I will always cherish the memories of AHRA as I know you will!

  5. Hi Robbie, I have enjoyed working with you and wish you the very best as you plan the next adventures in your life. I sincerely hope you’ll be in Nashville so that I can congratulate you in person for a tremendous career. Best wishes.

  6. Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for all your contributions and your years of service. I am so happy that the AHRA brought us together. Enjoy this next chapter.!

  7. Congratulations on your retirement, Robbie! As someone I once had the pleasure and honor of working with, I appreciate the kindness you’ve shown the IT analysts as we learned the combined “Valley Operating Unit” workflows!
    I wish you the very best in the years to come!

  8. Wow! 46 years in imaging (I won’t tell you how old I was when you started out!) Congratulations on an amazing career. And, THANK YOU for all of your support to the organization and to me personally over the years! I still remember all of your tips and advice after one of my 1st AHRA speaking engagements in San Diego way back when! And, I have always enjoyed catching up, swapping stories, and tossing around ideas on how to support the AHRA going forward. Best wishes in your next great adventure!

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