Disruption 2020

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By Jacqui Rose, MBA, CRA, FAHRA

What a fitting title for my first post this year.  Everyone says, “Hindsight is 2020.”  Wow, doesn’t that have new meaning for us all now.  When we look back on this year, what do we want to remember?  Worldwide pandemic, national shutdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, civil unrest, peaceful protests?  Or, do we want to control the narrative and focus on how we can take our lemons and make lemonade?  Personally, I have a new grandson and I want the world to be a better place for his sake.  But what can I do to change the world?  A LOT!  I can take what is within my realm and make a difference.  For AHRA, we have a few goals this year:

1. We have been working for a few months on a new strategic plan.  Covid slowed the team down a bit, but we are ready to finalize this plan.  Implementation of the plan will bring significant advancements to our members and to non-members.  We learned, through the pandemic, that we must change our connection with members to positively impact our outcomes.  I am hoping that you all experience the added value that your membership brings under this new plan.  AHRA will further enhance your leadership skills to achieve your own goals, no matter where you are at in the levels of leadership.

2. Our Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity  team has done some great behind the scenes work to get ramped-up over the past year– now let’s bring them to center stage.  With their help, we can transform our capabilities and opportunities to positively impact our members who can lead these initiatives in their own organizations.  Through inclusion, we create powerful teams that can achieve goals faster and more effectively than ever before.  Let’s positively transform our organization to be more diverse, inclusive, and equitable in all aspects.

3. Our Regulatory Affairs Team has done some amazing work over the past couple years and we will support their journey to provide value to our members in new ways.  The educational value and networking with other key organizations has put AHRA on the map!  Others are asking our opinion and AHRA is getting much recognition as a thought leader in Imaging.

4. The Imaging Innovation Council,  introduced on August 31st, creates the collaboration of AHRA and Corporate members to develop innovative ideas that will lead to actionable outcomes for a positive impact on the imaging community and customer care.  Thanks to all for participating in this amazing opportunity.

I know we were all disappointed with the decision to make our 2020 Annual family reunion (Annual Meeting) virtual, but it was still packed with great education and lots of energy!  Hopefully, you and your teams were able to relax and dedicate some time to the experience.  Remember, 2021 will be in Nashville and the call for presenters is out, so please sign up to bring us some great content next year.  Also, we are always looking for folks to write for Radiology Management.  Please go online and check out all the great volunteer opportunities and get involved.

Finally, as I mentioned at the Annual meeting, please stay Fearless!  You are all out there on the front lines of this pandemic making a difference for the teams and customers you serve.  You charge into the fight every day and create positive outcomes.  You have the power to change the world,  please join me in this quest!

Jacqui Rose, MBA, CRA, FAHRA, RT (R) is the 2020-20201 President of the AHRA Board of Directors. She is the Director of Medical Imaging, Telecommunications, IT and Lab,  UVMC; Medical Imaging, MVH. She can be reached at jfrose@premierhealth.com


  1. Great start disruption doesn’t have to be bad as it can lead to positive change. This is my first ever comment on this post.

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