The 2017 RACC Commissioner Ballot is Open

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The 2017 RACC Commissioner election ballots are open! This year, there are four CRAs running for RACC Commissioner. The results of this election will determine which candidates will join the RACC and help lead the CRA program through 2020.

All CRAs in good standing are eligible to vote. The online election is open until November 20, 2017. You can read the candidates’ statements below and review their full profiles on the online ballot.  If you’re a CRA, please cast your vote and help determine the future of your CRA credential!

Candidates listed alphabetically

Sandra Phillips, CRA 

Sandra PhillipsTitle: Radiology Director
Organization: Middlesex Hospital
Address: Middletown, CT

As a very passionate and active member of AHRA, I would like the opportunity share my skills, knowledge, experience and education as a Radiology Director with others. Coaching, mentoring and sharing knowledge is one of life’s most rewarding experiences that I embrace with all my heart.  A professional advocate for AHRA within our field, I hope to be selected to partner with my peers on the RACC team to further advance and promote the credential of the CRA.  I believe my enthusiasm and personality would be beneficial to the team in test assembly meetings as well as working on policy development related to CRA.  I also would like to develop additional study guidelines from valuable insight gained by earning the CRA credential.  I uphold being a CRA in the highest regards and would be honored to serve on the committee that sets the bar for our future CRAs.


Jose E. Rodriguez, CRA

Jose RodriguezTitle: Director of Imaging Services
Organization: El Paso Specialty Hospital
Address: El Paso, TX

I am seeking a seat on the RACC.  I have held leadership positions in many areas to include outpatient clinics, freestanding EDs, trauma centers, and specialty hospitals; as well as six years of military leadership experience. I have also spent most of my career as a volunteer from providing better opportunities for single soldiers in the military and educating elementary school students on radiology to serving imaging professionals in Texas as an Area Counselor. I have been a member of the ASRT Advocacy Committee for the last several years ensuring patients and technologists are represented during our legislative sessions to ensure quality point of care in Texas. I also sit as a member of the Board of Directors for Southwest University ensuring the school’s technologists meet the needs of the community. I have spent much of my career advocating for other professionals and advancing the profession through other organizations and education. I have been an AHRA member and CRA for the last four years and I feel it is time to move my efforts to the advancement of not only the AHRA, but the CRA designation.


Chris SnyderChristopher Snyder, CRA  

Title: Director, Technical Services
Organization: Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg
Address:  Fredericksburg, VA
Candidate for re-election. 

As healthcare challenges continue, strong imaging leadership is going to be essential to the success of any healthcare organization. To be successful, our job is no longer confined to the four walls of the imaging department. We are involved in human resource, regulatory, finance, marketing, and operations, all critical areas of healthcare management. The CRA credential validates our competencies in these domains and has proven to be valuable not only to the individual who holds this credential, but also to the organization that makes the decision to hire CRAs.

I have over 24 years of imaging experience in hospitals, outpatient facilities, and physician owned private practice. This experience gives me a broad perspective of how an individual with a CRA can add value to any healthcare related organization.

I have been on the RACC for the last three years and if given the privilege again, will work with the other dedicated commissioners to market and promote this credential and to ensure the integrity of the exam and credential is maintained.


Charles D. Stamper, CRA

Chuck StamperTitle: Chief Technologist
Organization: Veterans Health Care Center-Charlotte
Address: Charlotte, NC 

Having worked through many challenges and positions from staff radiographer to Imaging Director over the past 30 years, I have seen medical imaging administration develop, grow and change. Having worked for small, large, corporate and federal government organizations I have built a very diverse background in very complex and some not so complex environments. I have dealt with significant aspects of all five (5) domains and bring not just knowledge but real world experience to the table.

My driving reason to serve is to work alongside others having the same goals that will make the credential stronger, more widely accepted and to encourage facility administrators to realize the CRA as a path that will advance both the individual and the profession.

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