2009 Award and Scholarship Winners

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By AHRA Staff

August 2009 — Congratulations to the following AHRA members! The 2009 award and scholarship recipients, as well as the 2009 Partners in Learning participants, were honored at a special awards reception recently held at the AHRA’s 37th Annual Meeting and Exposition in Las Vegas, NV.


President’s Award:

Ted Caveglia, FAHRA


GE Healthcare Award for Excellence:

Debra (Debi) Farnham

Max Grady

Terry Stavang, CRA

Brad Hellwig, CRA

Paul Riggieri, CRA


Fellow Status:

Winnie Grieshaber, CRA, FAHRA

Timothy L. Ludwig, CRA, FAHRA

Ed Yoder, FAHRA


Gold Award:

Jay P. Mazurowski, CRA, FAHRA


Editorial Awards:  

Gary Boyd, FAHRA

Sandra K. Collins, MBA

Denise A. Vaughn, MS


Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship (Education Foundation):

Charles W. Obbagy

Judy Offenback

Jason Scott


Broadley Scholarships (Education Foundation):

Donna Morris, CRA

Sandy Winfield, CRA

A special thank you to the 2009 Member Recognition Team for their hard work and dedication in distinguishing this year’s award recipients!


  1. Congradulations to everyone. It would be nice to know/see what each of you were recognized for…maybe a future article for the link?

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