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The CRA renewal process got a big update last month when we were able to streamline the process for people using AHRA-sponsored credits on their renewals. Those credits don’t need to be listed individually on CRA renewal tracking sheets, and now CRAs renewing with only AHRA credits can do away with the tracking sheet altogether!

We hope this change will make renewals a little easier for CRAs. And to help out a little more, we’d like to bring you answers to some of the more frequently asked CRA renewal questions.

Do I need AHRA-sponsored credits to renew my CRA?

AHRA credits are easier than ever to use on your CRA renewals, but the RACC accepts CE from a wide variety of sources. The full criteria for acceptable CRA renewal credits are in our CE Guidelines document online here. For all CRA renewal CE, the topic needs to relate to one or more of the CRA domains (subject areas) and you need to have access to a course summary and attendance documentation as outlined in the guidelines.

This means you can renew your CRA with college credits, credits earned for developing certain presentations, and credits for authoring certain types of articles and books, as well as a variety of other educational activities. Check out the guidelines for more information.

Did you know we also preapprove CE activities for non-AHRA credit providers who use this service? A list of these preapproved CE activities is online here. Thank you to the organizations who use this service to make it easier for CRAs to use their credits.

Can I use the same CE on my CRA renewal that I use for a different credential?

As long as the CE meet the CRA renewal requirements, you can use the same credits on your CRA renewal that you’ve already submitted or are planning to submit for a different imaging or management credential (eg, ARRT, FACHE, NMTCB). You may, however, wish to check with the other credentialing body to determine whether this is allowed under their renewal guidelines, as well.

It’s past the expiration date listed on my CE certificate, does that mean I can’t use these CE on my renewal?

If your CE were earned before the expiration date and meet all other CRA renewal CE requirements, you can still use them on your CRA renewal.

How many CE do I need in each CRA domain?

There is no minimum number of CE required in any domain but you can’t use more than 18 CE in a single domain.

My CE activity relates to more than one domain, how do I list it on my renewal?

If you’re using a CE activity whose topic covers more than one domain, you can use it in either applicable domain or split the total credit between them.

I need to renew my CRA but I don’t have enough CE, does that mean I’ll lose my CRA?

Not necessarily. The RACC has a CRA probationary status that can allow you additional time to earn your CE. Additional CE and a reinstatement fee are required to return to full active CRA status. Want more information? Just ask!

I’m retired, is there a retired status for the CRA?

Yes, there is a CRA-Retired status! Any CRA who is no longer actively working in the field of imaging management can convert to CRA-Retired status. All it takes is an application form and a one-time conversion fee which goes to the AHRA Education Foundation to help continue growth and outreach for the CRA program. No CE are required to hold or maintain CRA-Retired status.


Still have questions about CRA renewals? Ask us here! We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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