It’s Almost AHRA Board of Directors Nomination Time! 

By Bill Algee, CRA, FAHRA
January will bring the “call for nominations” for the AHRA Board of Directors and President Elect. As the immediate Past President, I will serve as chair of the Nominations Committee and have assembled a great group of AHRA imaging leaders to review the nominations, interviews candidates, and provide the board a final group of nominees for the ballot.

New Developments in Medicare Enforcement Actions: Impact of Allina

By Adrienne Dresevic, Esq. and Jessica L. Gustafson, Esq. of The Health Law Partners, P.C.
Medicare enforcement includes multiple actions, which may range from overpayment demands to enforcement of False Claims Act violations. Such actions oftentimes are predicated not only on a health care provider’s compliance with laws and regulations, but also on its compliance with sub-regulatory guidance.