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Episode 02 – Next Gen Imaging Operations with an AI Command Center

In Episode 02, “Next Gen Imaging Operations with an AI Command Center,” Zahava Uddin, Managing Director with GE Healthcare, is joined by Scott Jarrett, Executive Vice President and Chief of Clinical Programs at the Humber River Hospital in Toronto, Canadal, along with Jeff Terry, CEO of Clinical Command Centers at GE Healthcare as they discuss how the Command Centre at Humber River Hospital has improved imaging turnaround time for CT, MR and U/S by 7 percent. This is in addition to improvements in ED patient waiting and excess days, despite increased ED and inpatient imaging volumes. Listen as leading experts share their insights and knowledge about innovation, ideation, and more.

The Fire Within

By Curtis R. Bush, FACHE, MBA, CRA
What feeds your fire? Is it the excitement of watching football, or the upcoming baseball playoffs? Is it increasing your scope at work, or leading a challenging project?