Member Appreciation: August 2019

Here, we warmly welcome new members, acknowledge the tenure of our most committed members, and recognize any recent successes among all members. If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, announce a promotion, or make us aware of an accomplishment please let us know.

Federal Surprise Billing Legislation May Be Coming Soon

By Adrienne Dresevic, Esq. and Olivia Dresevic, JD expected 2020, of The Health Law Partners, P.C.
“Surprise” or out-of-network medical bills arise when a patient receives medical care at a hospital inside their insurance network but is later hit with an enormous bill because those providing the treatment were out-of-network. Patients are generally unaware and believe they are being covered, and these situations oftentimes cannot be avoided (e.g. emergency room services).

End of the Road

By Bill Algee, CRA, FAHRA
When I started this journey, I knew we were in for one of the biggest challenges in AHRA history, in finding a new CEO. This work was paramount to the future success of the association. The selection committee, led by AHRA Board Member Rick Perez, did an excellent job vetting search firms and candidates to find our new leader.