It’s go time!

By Bill Algee, CRA, FAHRA
It’s time to get out there and “Rock the Vote.” There is a ballot of great candidates for the AHRA Board of Directors and President. The Board of Directors works hard on your behalf to ensure the mission and values of the AHRA are held to the highest standards. Your vote is so important to help shape the future of the AHRA.

Earn Your CRA Super Power!

By Donna R. Morris, CRA, BS, R.T. (R) (MR)
I encourage you to consider earning the CRA credential and receive validation of your knowledge and competencies in the five domains of human resources, asset management, finance, operations and communication and information management. You’ll be joining a group of more than 1100 superheroes, who together, are helping to shape the future of imaging.

The Countdown Begins!

By Shelley R. Wells, BAS, BS, RT(R)(CT)
I don’t know about you, but this is the time of year when I begin to get restless with anticipation. The warm, sunny skies with temperatures in the 80’s, and the end of school for my kids, is a sure indicator that summer is right around the corner. This can only mean one thing – AHRA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition is drawing closer.