“I am extremely grateful to the AHRA and the opportunities that it has given me”

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By Beth Allen, RT (R)(CT) CRA

I was fortunate enough to have been chosen as a recipient of the 2020 Osborn Scholarship for the AHRA Annual Meeting.

I would have loved to have been able to go to Boston to participate in this conference fully, but “due to COVID 19”, which must be the most common phrase of 2020, it was not to be. Fortunately for me, this conference was well planned and full of valuable, timely content.

There is an advantage to being able to attend a conference and immediately apply the newly acquired information that you have received. I worked my regular hours during this conference and would watch the sessions “on demand” at the end of the day. Whether it was coincidence or just what was at the top of my mind, it seemed I was able to apply my new insights right away.

There were a couple of sessions that really stood out for me. The opening keynote address by Yassmin Abdel-Magied was an impactful and important message about “unconscious bias”. This set the tone for the entire conference. I also was moved to action by a presentation by Nicole Dhanraj. “Change Your Approach to Change” laid out the appreciative inquiry model that asks us to look at what is working to solve our issues instead of what is not working, and to dream of the possibilities. This was right in my wheelhouse. So often we get caught into trying to fix what went wrong to bring us back to where we were. If we focus on what is right and how we can achieve well beyond where we have already been, our success may be limitless. I can’t wait to learn more about this topic.

I attended many other sessions and found useful information in each of them. It is exactly what amazes me about the AHRA. Each time I access the forum there is a post regarding a subject that I am currently dealing with. It is an invaluable resource.

I was able to attend the CRA meet and greet which, even though it was virtual, was very social and fun. It was nice to put faces with the names of people that I have seen as contributors to Radiology Management and the AHRA forum. It is a supportive community that I am excited to be a part of.

I am extremely grateful to the AHRA and the opportunities that it as given me. I achieved my Certified Radiology Administrator credential in 2018. It has given me the background and education that are necessary to do my job every day. I am an “organically, locally grown” director. I came up through the ranks to my current position, thanks to some incredible mentors. Although I had people skills and had seen success, I did not have access to the “radiology business” information. It was all laid out in the textbooks. I studied for the CRA exam and was able to be successful on my first attempt. I encourage anyone that is looking for career development to prepare for and take the CRA test. I use what I have learned daily and build upon that education. 

This distinction has become a part of our goal setting conversations as we provide opportunities to leaders within our organization. Since I passed my test, two other members of our senior leadership team have also successfully achieved their CRA, with a third taking the test in November.

The AHRA offers many opportunities to continue to grow and I look forward to taking advantage of these resources.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience the AHRA Annual Conference.

Beth Allen, RT (R)(CT) CRA

Beth is the Director of Clinical Operations at Banner Imaging in AZ. She can be reached at beth.allen@bannerhealth.com


  1. I really enjoyed the article and you related your virtual experience to everyone. Mostly, I liked how you made the most out of a not ideal situation and put a positive spin on it. thanks Ron

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