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By David Dacorro, MBA, RT(N)(MR)ARRT

As a member of the US Navy, I recently attended the 2018 AHRA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida as an Osborn Scholarship military recipient. Royce Osborn was a World War II veteran who used his position to discourage racial prejudice in his home country, the United States. In the 1970s, he was among the first radiologic technologists to become a radiology administrator. He was determined to help others who needed management education. The AHRA Education Foundation’s Osborn Scholarship, established in honor of Royce and his wife Paula, offers annual scholarship opportunities to AHRA members, including ones specifically for active military members. By attending the event, I was able to look at my career from a different perspective.

This was not only my first time at the conference; I was also the only active US Navy member in attendance. I was eager to experience what goes on during this annual event. I could not hide my excitement when keynote speaker Kevin Brown opened up the event. I learned the key ingredients for retaining a culture of heroes within an organization. Brown noted that heroes put in long hours to chart out business strategies as they move on, since traditional models are not available to follow in most cases. Other motivational speakers included Colette Carlson, an expert on human behavior, and Todd Henry, a renowned author on issues regarding creativity, productivity, and passion for work. They provided more insight on using available resources in the workplace to enhance development.

It was when I was listening to these speakers that I realized that I was in the right place. After listening carefully, I knew that I had a lot to change about my life and career in regards to leadership. I understood that radiology administration in the civilian sector is not so different from radiology in the Navy. There were many different presentations offered throughout the conference, but what really interested me were the ones that addressed leadership skills. I understand that it is essential to have leadership skills, especially in my career in the US Navy.

Some of my memorable moments of the event happened while interacting with other AHRA members and vendors during breaks, lunches, and the receptions. I had a good time interacting with other members and being exposed to a significant amount of knowledge. I used the interactions to acquire skills associated with positive leadership development. From this event, I was able to develop effective communication skills, language etiquette, and patience. I intend to use the skills acquired here both at my current and future workplace to create effective working teams in my professional environment and initiate collaborative efforts for positive career development.

Mr. Brown’s keynote speech and lessons from other speakers, members, and vendors demonstrated a variety of valuable leadership lessons. My experience at the conference was a pleasurable and memorable one. I learned different lessons that I intend to use in my profession. This remains one of the best conferences I have attended this year.

David Dacorro, MBA, RT(N)(MR)ARRT is the radiology supervisor at Naval Hospital Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL. He can be reached at


  1. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us David! I appreciated reading about your perspective of the meeting as an active US Navy member. The annual meeting in Anaheim also gave me many valuable lessons that I was able to implement in my organization. I look forward to the 2019 meeting, hope to meet you there!

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