Giving Tuesday, December 2019

By Terry Bucknall, CRA, FAHRA
So many of you have supported our 2019 Annual Appeal! I’d love to celebrate our year and give an opportunity for every AHRA member to participate as we wrap-up this year’s campaign to raise funds for scholarships, dues waivers and educational opportunities for our members.

Passion and Commitment to Support AHRA

By Joseph M. Phillips CRA, MBA, CNMT, RT (N)
When I reflect on the “whys” behind my decisions to offer support through volunteerism or through charitable donation, I think it often simply comes down to “paying it forward.” I know that without AHRA, my personal tool kit as a leader would have been akin to a glass half full.

Launching the 2019 Annual Appeal

By Scott Lehman, BSHP, RT(R), CRA
I was fortunate enough to receive one of the AHRA Annual Meeting Scholarships in 2017. Without the scholarship, I would not have been able to attend the annual meeting because my facility, like many others, does not offer an annual travel budget.