Attention CRAs: RACC Elections Now Online!

By AHRA Staff

November 2010–The 2010 RACC Commissioner election is going on right now. The results of this election will determine which leaders will help guide the CRA program through 2013. You have until November 29, 2010 to let your voice be heard.

In Every Issue

By AHRA Staff

November 2010–A monthly refresher announcing new AHRA members, this month’s webinar, a featured item from the Online Institute, and notes from the Forum.

Looking to the Past, Planning for the Future

By Roland Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA

October 2010 — Sandy and I are unpacking, boxes all around. During the 2010 Annual Meeting, all of our belongings were in transit from Orlando back to Loma Linda, CA. For those of you who have ever moved, you know right where we’re at. Significant hassle factor, yet a fun time to start fresh… It’s interesting how moving is a lot like life.

Proposed New Screening Requirements for Enrollees

By Adrienne Dresevic, Esq. and Carey Kalmowitz, Esq.

October 2010 — In an effort to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare system, CMS proposes to establish a three-tiered system in which providers and suppliers are categorized into one of three risk levels: limited, moderate, or high. Each tier is associated with different enrollment screening procedures.