The Future is Now

By Debra A. Lopez, CRA, FAHRA

A speaker recently warned us that the technology changes we’ve seen in the last 20 years would be nothing like what we’d see in the next five, and boy did his words ring true!

OIG Approves Proposed Free Pre-Authorization Services Arrangement

By Adrienne Dresevic, Esq. and Carey F. Kalmowitz, Esq.

June 2010–Recently the OIG approved a program to provide free pre-authorization services to patients and referring physicians. The OIG’s position is likely to be received favorably by imaging providers trying to bridge the tension between advancing their business prospects in an increasingly competitive landscape, while abiding by the AKS.

Seeking Nominations for RACC Members

By AHRA Staff

June 2010–There are two commissioner seats to be filled on the RACC. Elected commission members will serve a term of three years. Nominations can be submitted online until August 30, 2010.

New RACC Commissioner Spreads the CRA Energy

By Jacqui Rose, CRA

June 2010–For many years, imaging professionals have suffered from a sort of identity crisis in the healthcare field. But because we may be the most comprehensive professionals in healthcare today, we are well positioned to elevate our profession and end the identity crisis.