Editorial Guidelines

As the official blog of AHRA: The Association for Medical Imaging Management, Link strives to provide high quality information of value to its readers by connecting medical imaging leaders to the latest industry trends, best practices, and AHRA happenings. Link contains the following content:

  • President’s Post: The current president of the AHRA Board of Directors contributes a monthly column, detailing topics such as recent and upcoming AHRA meetings, a behind the scenes look at board activities, and what AHRA members can expect in the near future.
  • Regulatory Review: Written by regulatory experts to keep AHRA members informed of any new regulations or changes to current regulations in the medical imaging field.
  • Industry News: Written by contributing authors, these articles focus on the latest and greatest trends in the industry, including new technologies and techniques.
  • Leadership: Written by contributing authors, these articles focus on leadership topics. Sub-categories include Personal Development and Managing Employees.
  • Patient Care: Written by contributing authors, these articles focus on patient care, including topics such as patient safety and the patient experience.
  • CRA: Written by the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) and leaders holding the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) credential, these articles focus on RACC/CRA updates, exam preparation, and shared experiences surrounding the CRA.
  • AHRA Education Foundation: Devoted to the latest news from the AHRA Education Foundation. Recipients of the Partners in Learning program, the Osborn Scholarship,and the Ed Yoder Memorial Scholarship are required to write about their experiences in Link no more than 30 days following completion of the event/visit. Articles focus on lessons learned, experiences shared, and/or knowledge acquired.
  • AHRA News: Staff provided information on the association’s programs, benefits, events, and member accomplishments.
  • AHRA Annual Meeting: Everything related to the Annual Meeting –before, during, and after. Get sneak peeks of speakers’ sessions before the conference, read attendee session summaries for the sessions you couldn’t attend, and see photos and updates from all conference proceedings.

Editing Process: Link reserves the right to edit, revise, and otherwise change articles to meet the newsletter’s style and standards, but works to collaborate with authors.

Article Submission: Articles and supporting files (tables, graphs, illustrations, and/or photographs) must be submitted electronically to Beth Pickett at epickett@ahra.org.

Style Guide: Link’s style is based on the American Medical Association (AMA) Manual of Style. Articles should include:

  • Author’s full name, degree, title, affiliations (including institution name and location), and e-mail address.
  • Though not required, authors are encouraged to submit a head shot to accompany their article.
  • Data points for all tables and graphs, if applicable.
  • Accurate and complete references, if applicable. References should be listed in the order in which they appear in the text. Authors are encouraged to use current reference material (ie, published within the past 5 years). A good resource for formatting references is the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Word Counts: The average word count for an article in Link can range from 400-700 words, depending on the depth of the topic.

Tables, Graphs, Illustrations, and Photographs: Each table, graph, illustration, and/or photograph must be submitted as a separate file; do not embed it in the article. They must be numbered in order of their reference within the article. Authors should provide captions and credit lines (if applicable). All electronic images should be high-resolution (300 dpi) JPEGs.

Copyright: Each article is accepted with the understanding that it is to be published exclusively in Link; other arrangements must be made in advance and in writing. Articles should not contain anything that is libelous or unlawful, or infringes on the common law or statutory copyright of any individual, publication, corporation, or any other entity; and articles should not be under consideration by other publishers at the time of submission.

Article Publication: Link cannot guarantee publication of all articles, although every effort is made to do so. In addition, Link cannot guarantee article publication on a specific date.

Materials Submission:
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Phone: (978) 443-7591
E-mail: epickett@ahra.org