The Perfect Storm of ICD-10

By Melody W. Mulaik, MSHS, RCC, CPC, CPC-H, PCS

January 2012—In today’s chaotic healthcare environment there are many items that generate discussion and confusion. Arguably one of the top items that falls into this category is the implementation of ICD-10-CM.

Report: Alliance for Quality Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy

By Hazel Hacker, FAHRA

December 2011—AHRA organizational liaisons represent AHRA on occasions involving communication with related organizations. Liaisons attend meetings and provide reports to the AHRA board of directors. As the liaison for the Alliance for Quality Medical Imaging and Radiation (Alliance), I attended a telephone conference regarding the CARE bill in August and summarized my findings here.

ACOs: How Do We Prepare?

By Jef Williams, MBA, PMP and Shawn McKenzie, MPA, CRA, RT, CRT

June 2011–It is no secret that much ambiguity remains around ACOs. Whether you are poised for success in a new model will be largely determined by your leadership. Engage now and begin preparing your organization.