2020 New Year’s Resolution! CRA – Do it for YOU!  

By Kim Evans, MS, FABC, CRA
What might you accomplish in 2020? It is time to set new goals and reach to achieve new heights. Perhaps 2020 is the year you will work to become a CRA. Certainly, it requires a commitment. It requires planning. It requires preparation. It requires time. It requires investment. And finally, it requires action, but isn’t that true for all goals?

Destination CRA

By Donna R. Morris, CRA, BS, R.T. (R) (MR)
When making the decision to travel, there is a fair amount of planning involved. One must consider where you want to go and the various key steps to reach the desired destination. Earning the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) credential is no different. Mapping out the journey will certainly help you to navigate the path successfully.

The Fire Within

By Curtis R. Bush, FACHE, MBA, CRA
What feeds your fire? Is it the excitement of watching football, or the upcoming baseball playoffs? Is it increasing your scope at work, or leading a challenging project?