Listen to your herd!

By Sandra Phillips, BS, CRA, RT(R)(M)
For those of you that were lucky enough to attend AHRA’s Annual Meeting in Denver, Tuesday’s Keynote Speaker Ross Shafer, had one simple message that just kept resonating with me over and over. The message was to “listen to your herd, listen to the people.”

Performance Measurement Helps Us All Improve

By David S. Partridge, CRA, FAHRA
Imaging performance is documented in so many ways, and now more and more of these metrics are becoming public. The Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) is not immune to performance measurement and I am excited to spread the news about our results so far this year.

May 2019 CRA Results

By CRA Staff
Congratulations are extended to the May 2019 class of Certified Radiology Administrators (CRAs). There are currently 1,190 CRAs and CRA-Retired.

Earn Your CRA Super Power!

By Donna R. Morris, CRA, BS, R.T. (R) (MR)
I encourage you to consider earning the CRA credential and receive validation of your knowledge and competencies in the five domains of human resources, asset management, finance, operations and communication and information management. You’ll be joining a group of more than 1100 superheroes, who together, are helping to shape the future of imaging.