Writing for Radiology Management is no Toil or Trouble!

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Pardon the Halloween humor, but we wanted to get your attention to talk about Radiology Management, AHRA’s professional journal dedicated to medical imaging, and to encourage submissions from novice writers to seasoned, and members and non-members alike. If you have spellbinding imaging news to share, we invite you to tell us.

In case you ever wondered, we do not have ghost writers. We rely on real live imaging community members to provide the articles and columns that inform and inspire readers. And we celebrate the writers who do just that. Every year, Radiology Management authors are selected by their peers to receive the prestigious Outstanding Article and Outstanding Column awards.  This year at the 2022 AHRA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, the Gary Boyd Editorial Award winners were announced, and we’re thrilled to recognize the authors again here in LINK.

The Gary Boyd Editorial Award for Outstanding Column in Radiology Management goes to Laurie Hitzel for “5 Things I Wish I Knew Early in the Pandemic”,  published in the Nov/Dec 2021 issue. 

The Gary Boyd Editorial Award for Outstanding Feature in Radiology Management goes to Jack Durbin for “How Many Projects is Too Many? Working through the Perfect Storm,” published in the Sep/Oct 2021 issue. (Jack was unable to attend award event thus is not pictured here.)

Join us in Congratulating Laurie and Jack!

See more details and view past winners here.

We welcome your feedback, as well as submissions, and have included the editorial guidelines to follow, with contact information to use if you have questions, or comments for us.

If you are not an AHRA member, you may still subscribe to Radiology Management for the latest imaging news from people on the frontlines of this important industry. 

Radiology Management has been the top professional journal for leaders in medical imaging management for over 40 years. It is published six times a year. Focusing on education, the journal publishes research and best practices on healthcare management issues specific to medical imaging. 

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