Get to Know Your AHRA President-Elect Candidates

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Get to know your President-elect candidates before the election officially starts May 2nd!  Both Becky Allen and Edward Morgan, your new President-elect candidates shared great information about themselves, so if you have yet to met them in-person, please get to know them by watching their videos, hearing how they answered one key question below, and reading their full profiles on the Board of Directors Election Page.

Becky Allen, CRA, MS – AVP Operations at UC Health, UC Medical Center

Q: Becky, how can AHRA better assess the needs of all members to assure the strategic focus is meeting those needs?
A: We will need to communicate (in many different formats) to help make sure we are reaching everyone (and not just the most active members). The silent members have a lot of knowledge; so we must be able to get their voice heard as well. Obviously, a survey to all is one way but should not end there. We should reach out to members in a personal manner to get feedback. Be present where they are—regional meetings, webinars with prizes,– multiple methods to get to the information from our members so we know we have met the needs of all of our members.

Edward Morgan, CRA, MS – Director of Radiology at Iredell Memorial Hospital

Q: Edward, how can AHRA better assess the needs of all members to assure the strategic focus is meeting those needs?
A: The strategic plan of the AHRA need to focus on include strategies to address current and future challenges of the profession not anticipated three years ago such as dealing with Covid19 in the workplace, understanding the expectations of the new generation in the workplace and developing strategies to help address those challenges and expectations by those in leadership. The AHRA needs to better focus on the changing demographics of the profession and strive to improve its track record of inclusion and diversity in its leadership. While the demographics of the profession have become more diverse over the past 20 years the leadership of the AHRA have not.

Thank you for learning more about Becky and Ed, the upcoming AHRA President-elect candidates. Next up, you’ll have the chance to “get to know” the seven AHRA members hoping to earn one of the seven open positions of AHRA Director that you can also vote for on May 2-16, 2022.

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  1. We have a wonderful problem in that we have two very well educated, professional and dedicated candidates to choose from. I think either selected that the AHRA and the future of the association is going to be well represented.

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