Meet the New 2022 RACC Officers

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The 2022 commissioners of the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) elected officers to lead the commission for 2022.  The new 2022 RACC officers are:

Chair: Curtis R. Bush, FACHE, MBA, CRA

Vice Chair: Sandra Phillips, MHA, CRA, RT(R)(M)

cp Sandra Phillips

Secretary/Treasurer: Kim Evans, CRA, MS, RT

Many thanks to Curt, Sandra, and Kim for their willingness to serve the 2022 RACC and the CRA program in this capacity.

2022 RACC would like to take this opportunity to thank outgoing RACC Chair, Dave Partridge, CRA for his work on the commission.  Dave has been a CRA since 2011, and was elected to the RACC Commission in 2016.  He has served as RACC Chair since 2019.  Thank you, Dave, for your leadership and for your continued support of the CRA credential.


  1. Awsome!!!! Congratulations All. Thanks Dave for all your leadership.

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