Thanks to Beekley Medical, I didn’t miss a great opportunity

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J DurbinBy Jack Durbin

I’ve had the pleasure of attending several AHRA annual meetings over the course of my career and have found them to be extremely informative as well as providing an opportunity for networking with my peers.  I was optimistic when the scholarship program for the annual meeting opened earlier in the year.  I applied and was informed that I had not been selected to receive a 2021 scholarship.

Like many healthcare organizations, my facility was struggling with recovering from the impact of the pandemic.  2020 was a challenging year and we were still ‘catching up’ as 2021 unfolded, so I was not optimistic about being able to attend the 2021 Annual Meeting as all discretionary spending was suspended.

I was very surprised – and extremely excited – when Dana from AHRA contacted me and share that Beekley Medical had reallocated money earmarked for another project to fund annual meeting scholarships – and that I was a recipient of that amazing gift.

The speakers were amazing, the topics very informative, and reconnecting with peers helped reassure me that we’re all experiencing similar challenges – and I heard about some creative ways that others are working through these times.

I encourage everyone to attend the annual meeting, and if your situation is like mine (i.e. the organization has limited funding for these educational opportunities), be bold and apply for scholarships to attend – you may be a fortunate recipient like I have been.

Thank you again to Beekley Medical for their generous gift in providing the opportunity to attend this year’s meeting.

Jack Durbin BS, ARRT (R, CV), CRA, CVIS, Imaging Services Director  Yakima Valley  Memorial Yakima, WA 

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