AHRA 2021 Award and Scholarship Winners

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At AHRA’s 2021 Annual Meeting, we honored award recipients, a new Fellow, and scholarship recipients for their commitment, hard work, and dedication to AHRA and the field of medical imaging. The full list of award and scholarship recipients is as follows:

President’s Award:  Jim Hurak

“The AHRA President’s award is given each year to the person who has had a significant impact in the life and professional development of the current president.  In Kevin Brown’s book, The Hero Effect, he talks about superheroes whose faces he sees in the mirror.  Now that’s not hubris, it’s all those people who have ever shown up in our lives and gave of themselves to leave us a better person than they found us.  He explained that we are the sum total of those who have contributed to our lives, whether for a minute or for a lifetime, “some indirectly, some in your face, some by your side.”  So, who do I see in that mirror?

Naturally, my family has been my rock for so many years and supported me along the way, and there’s another face in that mirror in a prominent position.  This man gave me my first opportunity as a young manager, followed by a director challenge.  He is so adept at creating high performing teams that he created many opportunities for each of us to learn and grow as leaders.  He understands that strong teams need exceptional members, and he developed each one of us to achieve our best and left us a better person and leader.  If I could take just one thing I learned from him that impacts everything I do, it would be his reminder to “always take the high road.” 

It is my honor and privilege to present this year’s President’s award to my mentor and friend, Jim Hurak, retired Vice President at Premier Health.”   -Jacqui Rose, AHRA President, 2020-2021

Jim HurakAHRA_080221-99


The AHRA Gold AwardDavid Fox, FAHRAAHRA_080221-93 (1)

AHRA Award of ExcellenceJay Anderson, CRA;    Nicole Dhanraj, CRA;    Amy Isakson;                             Melissa Marx, CRA;    Kara Mayeaux, CRAAHRA_080421-130 (1)


Fellow Designation: Sandra Edson, FAHRA



AHRA Annual Meeting Scholarship, sponsored by Fuji 

Kevin Hendrickson, CRA, FAHRA

Ryan Pavlak, CRA

Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship:  

Emily Cash

Vaughn Eason, CRA

James Frymire

Annette Harrison   

Danielle Henrickson, CRA

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