AHRA Osborn Scholarship Winner talks about the Spring Conference and AHRA

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James CallBy James Call

   Let me start by saying that I was surprised and extremely appreciative when I learned that I had been selected as a 2021 Osborn scholarship winner.  I had applied with no real expectation and was elated when the call came.  I was already looking forward to the Spring Conference as last year didn’t materialize due to major operational changes in the wake of COVID-19.  Additionally, one of the by-products of the scholarship was that it freed up some of our budget to be put toward other items for the department which was great!

From the very beginning of Josh Block’s keynote address, I was engaged and appreciated the information and the way it was presented.  The main detail that stood out to me was that the content from the various speakers seemed to be directly aimed at us as Rad Techs which created a feeling of inclusion that I hadn’t experienced before.  It was nice to feel like each expert speaker was live in front of me, even with the virtual aspect of the conference.  I thought it was very well done and didn’t detract from the material.  The Q and A sessions at the end of each presentation were also welcome as it provided an opportunity to further the personal connection that you might get from physically being at the conference.

I chose to attend the Aspiring Leaders track being a relatively new manager and thoroughly enjoyed the classes that were available to me.  My goal is to gain as much insight as possible so that I can be the best version of myself in my current role.  I have a great group of techs and they deserve the best and I feel that the information at this year’s conference will help me tremendously on my journey.  Part of my developmental goals for 2021 is to obtain my CRA which I will be eligible for in July and I can’t wait to be a representative of that group as well.

This year marks my 10th year as a Rad Tech, and I am just as excited about the trajectory of my career as when I graduated.  I am always learning something new and am constantly asking questions about each new encounter.  Likewise, it has been really nice to have the AHRA forums available to get perspective from other leaders.  I check them every morning and always see something that answers a question of mine.  What a great resource!

A big applause to the AHRA and all of this year’s speakers and exhibitors for making a tremendous amount of valuable information available.  I am definitely looking forward to the Nashville meeting and every conference from here on.  I am so appreciative for the chance to attend an Osborn scholarship winner with all that it provided.  This was a great experience and something that I won’t forget.

Thank you again AHRA!

James Call is the Radiology Manager at Wise Health Surgical Hospital at Parkway in Texas. He can be reached at jcall@wisehealthsystem.com.

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