Spring ’21 Virtual Conference Osborn Scholarship Winner

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By Tracey Eyler Banks, CRA, MBA, RT (R)(M)(CT)(MR)(QM)Tracey Banks

Back in February, I was notified by the AHRA that I received the 2021 Osborn Spring Scholarship to attend the virtual conference. Just days before, I had found out that my manager had to change his vacation dates and would then be available to help cover the clinical side of the department, if needed, which would allow me to attend the AHRA conference as well as the already planned virtual conference with the SBI (Society of Breast Imaging) immediately following. Two conferences in one week!!! I was beyond excited as I felt the stars had aligned for me to make all this happen.

Previously, I attended the annual AHRA conference in Denver in 2019 and then again in 2020 virtually. I knew after the past virtual conference experience the Spring Conference was not to be missed. At the first conference I attended in 2019 I realized that these speakers are there for all of us − there to help motivate, stimulate our thoughts for potential needed change, just to answer questions and to let us know we are not alone. How amazing is this?

The AHRA did a fantastic job with having relevant speakers specifically in the Established Leadership Track that I chose to attend. Even though I have never met or spoken to any of these speakers prior to this conference I had the feeling that they were speaking directly to me. The speakers, also mentors or leaders in my eyes, gave encouragement for growth, suggestions of needed changes or enhancements to improve my leadership skills, and provided ideas to challenge myself in my current role. The fact that I will be able to review the speakers and slides so that I can really think about what aspects I would like to work on is a huge bonus with a virtual conference.

Since the conference ended, I have been taking the time to pause, breathe, and to re-listen to these speakers starting with the keynote speaker, Josh Block. Josh discussed six steps that help leaders turn minutes into moments which build and help grow momentous leadership within departments. Reviewing this presentation reminded me how much relevant information was delivered during the entire the conference.

Overall, the speakers have truly left a lasting impression and I hope to grow up to be just like them. Through shared knowledge and experience the speakers demonstrated their leadership skills and ways to help develop my potential growth as leader which in turn improves how I lead the department. I will reach out to speakers, mentors, or leaders, with any questions or relevant help that they might be able to offer when related to my work environment. I am honored to be part of the AHRA with a recent CRA accomplishment and hope to be the level of the speakers someday.

Thank you AHRA, and sure hope to see you in Nashville!

Tracey is the Imaging Supervisor at Heart of the Rockies Regional Imaging Center in CO.  She can be reached at Tracey.Banks@HRRMC.net

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