Get to Know Your AHRA President-Elect Candidates

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Get to know your President-elect candidates before the election officially starts May 5th!

Wesley began his Imaging career in 1987 and spent 27 years serving in progressive leadership positions within the Florida Hospital System in Orlando, Florida. He joined Lexington Medical Center in October, 2015 and has served there the last 5 years as the Director of Imaging Services.

Wes holds a Bachelors degree in Radiology Science from Adventist University, has been a member of The Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) since 2004, and received his Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) certification in August 2009. He has been a regular volunteer for AHRA, and served on the AHRA Board of Directors from 2014-2020, specifically, as the Finance Director during his last 2 years. In 2017, Wes became an AHRA Fellow at the Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California.

Wes has presented previously for the basic track (now Aspiring Leaders) covering Budgeting for Business Management, Asset Management, The Art of Negotiations, Managerial Communications, and Marketing Matters.

Wes and his lovely wife, Tracy are parents to boy and girl twins Jared and Jamie. The twins are in college in Florida. In his spare time Wes likes to grow pineapples. He currently has 41 plants he is tending to!

It is no secret that I am passionate about the AHRA and that I consider YOU, the AHRA members, as part of my family. From the moment I joined the AHRA, I knew that the AHRA was THE organization for imaging leaders. Our role as an imaging leader is not just to run a department, but to drive the momentum of our entire organization. We get things done! Serving you on the AHRA Board of Directors has been a great learning experience for me. While on the board, I have served on the Executive Committee and the Regulatory Affairs Team. Prior to being on the Board, I volunteered on the design team, Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC), and the web development committee; authored and edited textbooks; volunteered on-site at AHRA meetings; and was (and continue to be) very active on the forum!

Why? I do this because I LOVE the AHRA and our profession! I have grown as a leader and a person because of my AHRA opportunities and experiences. I have asked a lot of questions along the way and have made so many valuable connections within the AHRA. Our Board of Directors team is outstanding, and I believe that the strategic plan that has been developed this past year, when executed, will position the AHRA to best serve its members for many years to come.

Because of my passion for the AHRA and leadership, I will continually do my best to promote our profession, especially during these challenging times. I would be honored to be chosen to be the accountability partner between the AHRA team and Board of Directors to see these strategic goals to fruition! If chosen as your next President-elect, I will continue to listen to and learn from you, the AHRA’s most valuable asset!

Thank you for learning more about Wesley and Brenda, the upcoming AHRA President-elect candidates. Next up, you’ll have the chance to “get to know” the six AHRA members hoping to earn one of the six open positions of AHRA Director that you can also vote for on May 5-19, 2021.


  1. .Our association is strong, and getting stronger because of the quality of our members and the leaders we have in place. It is vital to our continued success that the members VOTE and that their VOTE is cast for a candidate in whom they feel has the best qualifications for the job at hand.

  2. Two exceptionally strong candidates for the President elect position. Both have very strong experience with the AHRA, and have filled many essential roles, contributing to the success of.this organization for several years. Thanks for making it a win-win choice, and a tough decision when the voting occurs.

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