A Story of Collaboration – IIC Creating A Value Model for Partnerships

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By Jacqui Rose & Rich Dewit

You know that lately collaboration has never been more important. We watched member-to-member collaboration reach new extents in 2020. The past year has also been a true testament to effective cross-sector alignment between AHRA and our vendor partners. Through the creation of the Imaging Innovation Council (IIC), members and vendors have come together with one mission: To advance the field of medical imaging and progress healthcare through collaboration characterized by thought leadership and accessible outcomes.

We are excited to share some news with you today on the Council and inform you of the Building a Value Model educational series this month!

The IIC was simply an idea no one was too sure could be realized a year ago. Six months after the initiation of this Council, we are thrilled to report that the IIC’s purpose of bringing AHRA members and industry partners together to improve collaboration and, ultimately, improve the practice of imaging is now underway!

Some of our achievements to date include:

– Announcing the IIC to the public, drawing national attention from radiology media outlets across the country.

– Hosting an IIC panel at the AHRA Annual Meeting as a keynote so members got a glimpse of the IIC’s dialogue. “Forecasting Change in a Rapidly Evolving World” was one of the highest attended sessions of the meeting.

–  A feature in a Radiology Today cover story that has 35,000 monthly subscribers.

And most recently, we have begun breaking down the concept of value in medical imaging partnerships between buyers and sellers.

As we begin 2021 we are excited to announce the IIC’s first educational series: Building a Value Model – How trust, collaboration, and outcomes-thinking can be foundational to creating value. 

AHRA members will hear from IIC members in a series of insightful blogs through the LINK over the next six months on the IIC’s defined Pillars of Value, designed to create a metric on the concept of value and the critical role it plays in partnerships. Be on the lookout soon for the first Pillar!

The creation of the IIC could not come at a more important time. The IIC is eager to join you in creating and measuring value in your partnerships.

We wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous new year! We’re excited to have you with us on the next leg of the journey.

Thank you,

Jacqui Rose, AHRA President
Director of Medical Imaging, Telecommunications, IT and Lab – UVMC
 Medical Imaging – MVHN Premier Health

Rich Dewit, IIC Chair
Head of US Sales & Marketing – Radiology, Bayer

Thank You to the Imaging Innovation Council Members for your commitment to breaking down barriers, thinking of the unthinkable, and collaborating and partnering to make it all possible!

Jacqui Rose, AHRA President, Director of Medical Imaging, Telecommunications, IT, & Lab, Premier Health – UVMC & MVHN

Rich Dewit, IIC Chair, Head of US Sales & Marketing, Bayer Radiology

Chris Tomlinson, AHRA Past President, Enterprise Vice President, Radiology/ Imaging, Clinical Lab & Pathology, Emergency & Hospital Medicine Service Lines, Jefferson Health

Terry Bucknall, AHRA Education Foundation Chair

Kimberly Evans, Vice President of Imaging, ChristianaCare

David Fox, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Baxter Regional Medical Center

Karen Holzberger, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Diagnostic Solutions, Nuance

Jason Newmark, Vice President of Diagnostic Services, Baystate Medical Center

Darren Selsky, Franchise Leader & Senior Director, Global Marketing, Hologic, Inc.

Martin Silverman, Vice President & General Manager, Northeast Zone, Siemens Healthineers

Jason Theadore, Chief Executive Officer, Banner Imaging


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