Congratulations to the Newest (CRAs) Certified Radiology Administrators!

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By CRA Staff

The Fall-2020 CRA Exam period was not immune to COVID-19 related issues.  A number of testing sites were closed and many Fall-2020 candidates needed to reschedule their exam to the Spring-2021 testing period.

Congratulations are extended to the Fall-2020 class of Certified Radiology Administrators (CRAs). There are currently 1,124 CRAs and CRA-Retired.

Please join us in wishing a hearty congratulations to the Fall 2020 class of Certified Radiology Administrators (CRAs). 

The following 44 individuals passed the challenging and knowledge-intensive exam to become CRAs. These individuals may now proudly be recognized by the credential ‘CRA’ after their names. Being publicly recognized as having mastery in medical imaging is just the beginning for these newly appointed CRAs. We’re excited to see their ongoing contributions to imaging, healthcare, and our society that depends on the health of both.  Well done CRAs! Congratulations! And thank you for your contributions.

Marion Anderson, CRA
Sterling Heights, MI

Tracey Banks, CRA
Salida, CO

Kelly Biscay, CRA
Clovis, CA

Chandler Bowser, CRA
Parkville, MO

Brittany Byers, CRA
Powder Springs, GA

Craig Carr, CRA
Piqua, OH

April Cihura, CRA
Swink, CA

William Conlee, CRA
Washougal, WA

Ruth Cooper, CRA
Pegram, TN

Ernest Cruz, CRA
East Elmhurst, NY

Chris Dixon, CRA
Bedford, IN

Stephen Doerner, CRA
Naperville, IL

Vaughn C. Eason, CRA
Alpharetta, GA

Lisa Ettrup, CRA
Pittsburg, CA

Jane Fry, CRA
Somerset, KY

Ian Haralson, CRA
Hillsboro, OR

Bridget Hill, CRA
Wallingford, CT

Lisa Carol Hyde, CRA
Benton, AR

JoAnn Kelsey, CRA
Bemidji, MN

Jeramie Knapp, CRA
Amherst, MA

James Lane, CRA
Juliet, TN

Melissa Marx, CRA
Normal, IL

Eric Mcfadden, CRA
Sandston, VA

Charlie McInroe, CRA
Longview, TX

Mary Jennifer Meeks, CRA
Avon Park, FL

Starla Merrifield, CRA
Fairmont, WV

Jose Miranda, CRA
San Antonio, TX

Jeffrey Murad, CRA
Rochester, NY

Tina Nelson, CRA
Sebring, FL

Erin Nieves, CRA
Dade City, FL

Amy Peronace, CRA
Phoenix, AZ

Brad Potter, CRA
Hawthorne, NJ

Lisa Riecks, CRA
Springfield, IL

Andrew Ruiz, CRA
Imperial, CA

Crissy Schnick, CRA
Omaha, NE

Lyle Smith, CRA
Colorado Springs, CO

Chad Smith, CRA
Gallatin, TN

Timothy Smith, CRA
Roseburg, OR

Rebecca Stueber, CRA
Stratford, WI

Jenny Sturgeon, CRA
Mayport, PA

Ramiro Torres, CRA
Seabrook, TX

Vanessa Vargas, CRA
Verona, CT

Nancy von Borzestowski, CRA
Simi Valley, CA

Amanda Wagoner
Madisonville, KY

The CRA exam tests specific knowledge and skills necessary to lead an imaging team and manage the wide range of tasks involved in imaging management throughout a range of practice settings. For more information about the CRA credential, please visit our website at


  1. Congratulations on your hard work. It is great to be acknowledged for your dedication to your profession and team.

  2. Congratulations on obtaining your credentials! It’s a wonderful accomplishment and tribute to your dedication to professional development as a Radiology manager.

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