Member Appreciation: October 2020

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Here, we warmly welcome new members, and recognize any recent successes among members. If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, announce a promotion, or make us aware of an accomplishment please let us know.

In case you didn’t know it, each month AHRA hosts a ‘New Member Welcome Meet-up” on Zoom. It’s an opportunity to say hello and meet some of the AHRA Membership Committee, fellow new members, and  AHRA staff.  Get your questions answered, network with your peers, and see how to make the most of your new association membership. If you’re new to AHRA, or want to learn more about your membership, please join us on Zoom this Friday, Nov 20, 1pm-2pm EST.   (Meeting ID: 995 6703 7345, Passcode: 946444)

New Members (October 2020)

James Avery, Ellicott City, MD

Renata Barker, Lake Charles, LA

Candy Bass

Vanessa Bernal, Lake Forest, CA

Brittany Bourgeois, Jefferson, LA

Donna Boyd, Jefferson, LA

Mindy Breit

Kelly Burton, Houston, TX

Leslie Cattau, Omaha, NE

Avril Cochran, Morrisville, VT

Amy Durkee

Chloe Fowler, New Sharon, IA

Christopher Gutierrez, Jefferson, LA

April Hodge, Lone Pine, CA

Laura Holstege, Grand Rapids, MI

Bill Jones, Jacksonville, FL

Sherri Kanzenbach, Mankato, MN

Micky Labrum, Grand Junction, CO

Amanda Lamb, Green River, WY

Ron Lewis, Grand Rapids, MI

Josh Lively, Minatare, NE

Brittany Loyzelle, Rutland, VT

Genesis Lozano, Visalia, CA

Tina Marlatt, Indianapolis, IN

Melissa Mayton, Richmond, VA

Mary McKearin, Rutland, VT

Karl Menezes, Richmond, VA

Sandra Merrifield, Seattle, WA

Leslea Moranz, Atchison, KS

Greg Morrison, Albuquerque, NM

Brent Moseley, Johnson City, TN

Aubree Munoz, Portland, OR

Brandon Oxley, Rutland, VT

Nancy Payton, Richmond, VA

Devon Preston, Cortlandt Manor, NY

Jonathan Romero, Carson City, NV

Timothy Rose, Louisville, KY

Janalee Sanders, Jefferson, LA

Stacie Stewart, Houston, TX


Erica Vegafria, Sacramento, CA

Ronald Wheaton, Charlotte, NC

Heather Wheeler, Sayre, PA

Melissa Williams, Plano, TX

Tracy Williams, Jefferson, LA

Please join us in welcoming our 45 newest members who joined last month! (Want to reach out and welcome someone? Visit our member directory!)

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send contact information to our membership department at

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