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By Jacqui Rose, MBA, CRA, FAHRA

So, I either made you curious with the title, or completely turned you off, but hopefully you will read on.  No politics here, but leading from Identity.  Josh Block shared with us at the Annual Meeting a talk entitled “This is me” – How Leading From Identity Changes Everything.  He encouraged us to develop a personal identity statement that is descriptive, directive, and aspirational so that we can live the fullness of our identity.  Doing that enables us to live our passion and purpose more fully.  Imaging people tend to be passionate in our journey, and to truly enjoy life we need to feed that passion by living our true purpose every day.  Josh provided us a template to begin to develop our own Identity statement, and shared part of his personal statement.  I am sharing part of mine in the hope that it will help you to create your own.  It’s important to share this with our teams so that they know us better and will trust in our leadership.

I am fearless and loyal

I am incredibly passionate in my beliefs

I love my family and my teams

And am passionate about living my purpose

I lead with compassion

I will respond to fear with courage

In moments of uncertainty, I will overcome

When I’m discouraged, I will be resilient….

Again, this is just the beginning, and as I journey there will be more, and it will evolve over time.

Hopefully, you were able to participate in the first ever AHRA Virtual Annual Meeting and experience the energy that we normally only get from in-person meetings.  I hope it helped rejuvenate you to get back in there and do the hard and unusual work of 2020.

To help us all focus on this work, we have some new programs designed to support you in your journey.

  1. Leading During Times of Stress – a 6-part live webinar series that will begin on October 20 (so register soon), and continues through December 15.  Join David Waldron, CEO of Traction Business Development, as he provides information on managing effectively when stress levels are high.  CE credits are available.
  2. AHRA ONE – Online Networking Events.  These will be offered at no cost to attend to both members and non-members with regionally relevant content.  These are much like the Local Area Meetings of the past, but now social-distance friendly! We are looking for volunteers interested in hosting these, so please sign up and let the amazing AHRA team do most of the heavy lifting. Don’t miss the very first ONE, happening on October 27.
  3. Regulatory Affairs – believe it or not, there is much more going on than an election in DC.  Please log onto the website and click on the Advocacy tab to get the latest regulatory work from DC.
  4. Podcast – Episode 6 has been released on the website.  Our Moderator from Bayer talks with members about what the new normal may look like for Imaging. Listen in for tips and ideas on lessons learned, best practices and what’s next.
  5. Annual memberships will go out soon and will now cover the calendar year 2021.  Be sure to check out our group memberships, because it’s more than just your membership, there is added value and special pricing.
  6. AHRA’s 2021 Annual Meeting in “Music City” Nashville is planned for August 2021.  The call for presenters is out and the deadline is November 2, so get signed up to share your knowledge and best practices. We want to hear from you!

Stay strong, stay charged and stay fearless!

Jacqui Rose, MBA, CRA, FAHRA, RT (R) is the 2020-2021 President of the AHRA Board of Directors. She is the Director of Medical Imaging, Telecommunications, IT and Lab,  UVMC; Medical Imaging, MVHN. She can be reached at

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  1. Perfectly said. I really enjoyed Josh’ presentation. I used the tools he and I discussed and was able to learn so much about myself and my identity. Being true to yourself in leadership will make you a better leader and more well respected by yours staff and peers.

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