Congratulations to the Newest (CRAs) Certified Radiology Administrators!

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By CRA Staff

Like most things, the Spring 2020 CRA Exam period was not immune to COVID-19 related issues.  A number of testing sites were closed, and many Spring 2020 candidates needed to reschedule their exam to the Fall 2020 testing period.  Fortunately, the Spring 2020 testing period was extended for a short period of time allowing a number of driven, tenacious candidates to proceed with testing.

Please join us in wishing a hearty congratulations to the (particularly determined) Spring 2020 class of Certified Radiology Administrators (CRAs). 

The following twenty-two individuals passed the challenging and knowledge-intensive exam to become CRAs. These individuals may now proudly be recognized by the credential ‘CRA’ after their names. Being publicly recognized as having mastery in medical imaging is just the beginning for these newly appointed CRAs. We’re excited to see their ongoing contributions to imaging, healthcare, and our society that depends on the health of both.  Well done CRAs! Congratulations! And thank you for your contributions.

Heather Baxter, CRA – Elizabeth, CO

Sarah Cline, CRA –Etna, OH

Carla Crawford, CRA- Monroe, WI

Connie  Cribbs, CRA- Reynoldsville, PA

 Warilyn Culver, CRA- Shoreacres, TX

Dena Dempster, CRA- Newport News, VA

Steven  Fox, CRA- Flint, TX

Frances Hannah Jackson, CRA- Fairfield, OH

Karen Krebs, CRA- Crescent Springs, KY

Elizabeth DeRosa Linsley,  CRA- Killingworth, CT

Martene Manske, CRA- Bronx, NY

Nancy McDonald, CRA- Chicago, IL

Robert Miller, CRA –Cookeville, TN

Nighat Seema Mislamni, CRA – El Paso  TX

Oyebanjo Olowe, CRA- Union, NJ

Ryan Pavlak, CRA- Boardman, OH

Gregory Schmittling, CRA- Jerseyville, IL

Sarah Sparks, CRA- Miamisburg, OH

Kary Stringham, CRA JBER, AK

Joseph Vira, CRA-High Point, NC

Erica Washburn, CRA –Cincinnati, OH

Jerry Woods, CRA-Lilburn, GA

The CRA exam tests specific knowledge and skills necessary to lead an imaging team and manage the wide range of tasks involved in imaging management throughout a range of practice settings. For more information about the CRA credential, please visit our website at


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