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Member Renewal Changes for the Better

This year AHRA is transitioning all member renewals from an anniversary renewal date (the date you joined AHRA) to a calendar year renewal date of 1/1. This renewal process change will allow us to focus on providing you with more high value products and services that you want and need by reducing low value, time intensive administrative tasks. This is a necessary step in heightening our ability to offer more impactful resources, delivered to you in fresh and innovative ways.

Watch for your individual membership renewal invoice in the next week or so. You’ll see that it reflects the cost to renew your membership for the remainder of this year, and through all of next year. You won’t see another renewal invoice from us until the end of 2021, for the renewal of your 2022 membership. Note: If you are on a group membership, an invoice will be sent to the contact on file who manages your group.

We value you as a member of AHRA, and look forward to providing you with the tools and resources that help ensure your professional growth and success year after year.

Please contact us with any questions

Member Appreciation: August 2020

Here, we warmly welcome new members, and recognize any recent successes among members. If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, announce a promotion, or make us aware of an accomplishment please let us know.

Nathan Abromovich, Tehachapi, CA

Becky Anthony, Puyallup, WA

Tammy Archambault, Monroe, OH

Leticia Armstrong, Towson, MD

Meredith Ballard, Statesville, NC

David Barnes, Miramar, FL

Jeneene Barrington, Sonora, CA

Ivan Bernal, Duarte, CA

Robert Brandi, Baltimore, MD

Sarah Brian, Morganfield, KY

LeAnne Brodersen, Neligh, NE

Lori Cabrera-Duenas, Lodi, CA

Carissa Carta, East Hampton, CT

Melissa Copp, Towson, MD

Damien Dejesus, Tehachapi, CA

Song Fangfei, Chapel Hill, NC

Norman Farrar, Dorchester, MA

Ann Frechette, Derry, NH

Christelle Friedland

Kenya Haugen, Spring, TX

Mark Ivezaj, Plymouth, MI

William Janes, Tulsa, OK

Justin Johnson

Vini Jolly, El Segundo, CA

Abby Kellogg, Boston, MA

Lally Kulwinder, Marysville, CA

Bonnie Lando-Dickinson, Fredericksburg, VA

Jory Lee, Abilene, TX

Joanne Louis, Burlington, MA

Matthew Lungren, Palo Alto, CA

Jim Madison, Milford, MI

Kellyn Mahan, Boston, MA

Jodi Manchester, Boston, MA

Terra Mayer, Tulsa, OK

Josh McCormack, Charleston, SC

Rebecca Mcfadden, Manchester, NH

Michele Milner, Charleston, SC

Lacey Nance, Lodi, CA

Jessica Norton, Fort Worth, TX

Jeffrey Pasquale

Phylicia Petrizzo, Charleston, SC

Lawrence Quirk, Boston, MA

Michael Regg, Cincinnati, OH

Jennifer Reiser, Lodi, CA

Meghan Richard, Boston, MA

Katrina Rodriguez

Pamela Ross

Chitra Saxena

Brian Schott, Boston, MA

Sally Shamblin, Bakersfield, CA

Jared Silvia, Kirkland, WA

Kyle Sims, Portland, OR

Jeremy Slicker

Katherine Smith, Boston, MA

Tammy Toomes, Arlington, TX

Eric Walker, Hershey, PA

Michael Wells, Boston, MA

Kelly Whittle, Suttons Bay, MI

Laura Williams, Marysville, CA

Robert Williams, Huntington, NY

Dominique Wilson, The Woodlands, TX

Sean Wynn, Plymouth, MI

Roseann Zeldin, New York, NY

Da Zhang, Boston, MA

Lisa Ziegler, Baltimore, MD

Please join us in welcoming our 65 newest members who joined last month! (Want to reach out and welcome someone? Visit our member directory!)

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send contact information to our membership department.

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