The Only Guaranteed Thing About Change is it Will Be Different

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By Tom Wall, RDMS, RVT

It has been a difficult few months now with all the uncertainty and trying to return to a sense of normalcy. We have all had to adapt rapidly to the pandemic and now have to forge ahead assuaging fear and ease our way back in stages to provide our services. This presents unique challenges and it is amazing to see how people handled the pandemic and are gearing up to make the slow return to normal. The Covid-19 update page has been an amazing resource for what is happening in real time and keeps us aware of future changes that will affect how we continue to rebuild.

As always the Forum is a fantastic resource on how everyone is moving forward while remaining grounded as it’s not all about the pandemic. It is a reminder that we keep moving forward. I even see references to the Sample Document Library an often overlooked resource. This type of communication has been key to fostering the feeling that, as a member, I don’t have to do this alone.

Change is inevitable although unfortunately, what was expected and seemed constant has changed in the short term. Much to my chagrin the Spring Conference was cancelled. The 2020 Annual Meeting aka the “family reunion” will still happen but in a different form. Necessity inspires innovation and a different perspective. On that note I want to share with you how the Membership Committee (MemComm) and AHRA membership staff will work with you in all ways to maximize your membership.

First let me introduce and share the MemComm contact Information.

Tom Wall Teaneck NJ
Jason Scott Lebanon IN
Stacy Meseberg Kansas City MO
Curtis McCloggan Bridgeport CT
Jessica Harju
Elizabeth Pickett
Danielle Henricksen Lincoln NE
Sherry Hosty Fredericksburg VA
Eric Kallstrom McKinney TX
Dan Goldblatt Florence OR
James Soriano Sacramento CA
Robin Johnson Elma WA
Coral Phillips St. Petersburg FL

We are here for you and you have probably received an email from one of these fine folks. We try to contact those reasonably local to one of us but you can contact any one of us or Call 978-443-7591, or send an email to

And now the rest of the story

We realize these are difficult times and discretionary spending may be on hold while the immediacy of navigating change took precedence. We want to work with you to retain your membership. Perhaps your membership has or is about to lapse; let member services know your intent to maintain your membership and we will work with you to make that happen.

We revamped the group membership model to better serve the diversity of our membership and again the associated benefits have some wiggle room to be customized to better serve you.

So we as a group contact existing members and new members to welcome them. In that spirit going forward we will, through a series of emails during the first 6 months, highlight benefits of membership and explain how to utilize them. No worries we won’t stuff your mailbox.

The vision and mission of this committee is to serve by listening of the needs of the membership and finding ways to incorporate those needs into membership benefits.

Make sure and vote in the election for those to lead us into the Future. Voting closes todat! Click here to cast your vote today.

Stay Safe


Tom Wall, RDMS, RVT is the sonography Imaging Manager at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ. He can be reached at

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