Presenting Your 2020 AHRA Board of Directors Election Candidates

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Elections for the 2020-2021 AHRA Board of Directors and President-Elect will take place May 6-18, 2020, online at  Voting is open to all members in good standing. Emeritus and student members are not eligible to vote.

AHRA President-Elect Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Wesley Harden, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Imaging Services
Lexington Medical Center
West Columbia, SC

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As a member of the AHRA since 2002 I have enjoyed many of the benefits our Association continues to offer. The more I become involved in our Association, the more I continue to grow as an Imaging Leader. I have had the opportunity to serve in various ways-scanning badges, volunteering in many areas and speaking during numerous conferences. As a member of the AHRA Board and the current Finance Director I bring a passionate, actively engaged Leadership focus to all our meetings and discussions. I believe by asking questions, making suggestions, seeking feedback, and searching for the correct path the President can maximize the great diversity and insight of the board and all our AHRA members to guide this association into the right solutions. I support this open dialog in continuing to search for ways to elevate AHRA’s connection to the ever-changing landscape that is Medical Imaging Management. I would serve the Association with these same principles. I would be privileged and honored to be chosen as your President-Elect.

Kimlyn N. Queen-Weis, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Operations
Dublin, OH

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I am interested in serving as President of the AHRA Board of Directors because: “They’re my family.” I was recently talking about the AHRA with someone at work and used this phrase to describe the AHRA, an organization I’ve been blessed to be a part of for over sixteen years. Serving on the AHRA Board of Directors has been a highlight of my career and serving you as President of the AHRA Board of Directors would certainly be the pinnacle of this amazing journey. I’ve served with you and learned from you, and am ready to lead this organization into the future. We’re all part of this organization to advance the development of professional leadership in medical imaging management. As President, my approach would be rooted in a growth mindset with servant leadership at the core of all decision making.

I love to learn. And I want to apply that by supporting all of you with a number of learning opportunities about industry changes, technology and patient care advancements, regulatory and reimbursement updates and professional development, all so that we can be our best and represent our profession for the healthcare industry and patients we serve.

I also see an opportunity to further grow this organization. I have been an imaging and operational healthcare administrator for 20 of my 30 years in healthcare. I want to apply my experience and education, in partnership with you, to bring future growth to the AHRA, the AHRA Education Foundation, our membership, and the Imaging and healthcare profession. I am humbled to have served you as a board member for the past 5 years, and I am truly excited for the journey ahead to learn and grow together in service to our patients, associates and communities.

AHRA Director Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Lori Ann Burns, FAHRA
Manager of MRI Services
Holy Name Health
Teaneck, NJ

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I have been actively involved in the AHRA since joining in 2005 including volunteering at the Annual meeting, hosting Regional meetings, serving on committees, member on the Annual Meeting Design Team from 2007- 09, member of the Annual Appeal Committee, and most recently serving as the Education Foundation Chair since 2015 after serving as Director from 2013-2014. I have worked with teams executing changes and improvements you see today including creating and implementing the CRA scholarship, setting donation records as the EF Chair in 2016, and actively participating with the current Board in the development of our strategic plan.

As a current board member, I have been engaged in executing the strategic plan and organizational goals. I understand the member’s needs even more now and will continue to work and assure these are met. I will serve you, the membership, and help our organization move forward to grow to new heights. My ongoing commitment will allow AHRA to continue to flourish as the leading organization for medical imaging management. AHRA has been my passion for the past 15 years – I know this is the greatest organization and I am proud to be a part of it.

Jamie Coder, CRA
Operations Manager-Radiology
Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare
La Crosse, WI

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I am seeking the Board of Directors position, to ultimately give back to an organization that has done so much for my professional growth. I would be honored to assist in the development and education of other healthcare leaders and organizations so that they understand the unique value and diverse knowledge Radiology leaders require to succeed. In my opinion, the Board of Directors’ opportunity is not about being in the spotlight but making others shine. The organization has gone through a lot of changes, but I am committed to continuing the focus on its members. Structure and transparency in operational and strategic decisions provide a powerful message to our members and this needs to continue. My contributions to the board would include the following: willingness to go above and beyond to capitalize on any opportunities, deliver provocative questions to move beyond the status quo while respecting everyone’s opinions and continue to expand AHRA’s diverse membership and capture new members. The Board of Directors position allows an avenue to facilitate improvement of succession planning to engage all generations and continue to offer valuable education, resources and support to all Radiology leaders. My passion for AHRA began when a few members shared with me why they support AHRA and volunteer. It would be an honor to share my enthusiasm with others and represent our organization with as much pride as all the Directors have done, past and present. I am a true believer of AHRA’s mission. I am AHRA.

Maureen R. Firth, CRA, FAHRA
Assistant Director, Quality and Regulator Compliance
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, NY

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Radiology has been central to my life. During my extensive career, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue many avenues in the field of Radiology, from clinical care to education to medical imaging management.

I bring a unique vision of medical imaging management; having lived and worked through the major advancements in our technology and seen the changes that the digital age brought to the practicing Radiographer and Manager. I want to provide resources to our Membership that gives them all the tools they need for their work, and all networking capabilities that AHRA brings with its’ membership.

My enthusiasm for the field of Radiology and all its aspects is contagious and I enjoy spreading that enthusiasm, especially to our future Imaging leaders. Shifting gears to a position of governance allows us to deliver products and services germane to our members and allows us to shape Imaging Management and Healthcare for the future.

I want to ensure that the next generation of Imaging Leaders and AHRA are relevant to future Healthcare.

Brian Fox, CRA
Sr. Director, Radiology
Children’s Medical Center
Dallas, TX

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I am grateful for my membership in AHRA, and the opportunities being a member of AHRA has provided in my career. As a member of the Board of Directors, I look to serve members and give back to the association.

I look to further develop and complement existing programs for early careerist. When entering medical imaging management, I was fortunate to have a mentor who guided, and encouraged, me to become a member of the AHRA. The relationships and education opportunities the AHRA provided in my early management years were formative on my career. We are fortunate to have experienced and diverse leaders in AHRA. Partnering these thought leaders with early careerist will position the success of future leaders and the association by sharing knowledge, networking and support with a mentoring and coaching program.

I look to focus on inclusion of all members while focused on our mission: a resource and catalyst for the development of professional leadership in medical imaging management. I was fortunate to be a member of the National Steering Committee for Defining Our Future to ensure programs and partnerships are positioned for members to be recognized for professional expertise.

I will focus on strengthening our strategic partnerships to meet challenges with regulations and policy. Positioning the association as an industry leader for medical imaging management for regulators and policy makers. I am honored to serve on the AHRA Regulatory Affairs Committee and advocate for members of AHRA in this important strategic focus.

It is a privilege to be considered for the AHRA Board of Directors. If elected, I look to support strategic priorities of AHRA, being a value to members providing knowledge and education opportunities to be recognized as leaders in medical imaging, and AHRA as industry leader to meet the challenges faced in medical imaging management.

Sharon Harms, CRA
Director of Radiology, Radiation Oncology, GI Specialties, and Cancer Program
Bryan Medical Center
Lincoln, NE

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The AHRA Board of Directors has a responsibility to govern our organization with integrity and fiscal responsibility, and to set a strategic direction that is relevant and beneficial for our stakeholders now and in the future. I want to be a member of the AHRA Board of Directors to be a voice for the membership and help lead this organization into the future. While being an AHRA member since 1996, I have not served on the AHRA Board in the past, so I feel I can bring a fresh perspective and represent both long term and newer members. I would find it rewarding to give back to the AHRA in a capacity that I have not had the opportunity to do yet.

I have experience serving on various boards and developing strategic plans. I have progressed in my leadership roles and responsibilities throughout my career, and have a proven record of meeting goals and metrics. I manage large budgets and have consistently exceeded budgeted operating margins year after year via expense management and revenue growth.

I have excellent people skills and will be able to develop positive relationships, as well as provide knowledge and counsel to the Board and those we support. I can bring solid leadership skills to this position, as well as a friendly personality to mesh with the team. Thank you for the opportunity!

Jason Scott, CRA, FAHRA
Chief Patient Experience Officer, Director, Imaging/Respiratory/Neurodiagnostics/Wound Care/Hematology/Oncology
Witham Health Services
Lebanon, IN

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I have a deep passion for AHRA. I can remember attending my first AHRA Annual Meeting in 2009 as a recipient of the Osborn Scholarship. I was a newly minted Chief MRI Technologist with minimal training in radiology leadership. From attending this Annual Meeting, I was impressed with three traits that AHRA members possess: Helpfulness, friendliness, and kindness. Throughout the years, I have witnessed these three traits in action. If I have an issue that is difficult to solve, all I have to do is reach out to my fellow AHRA members, either personally or through the forum. Whenever I attend any AHRA function, I am impressed with how friendly everyone is…they treat you like family! I have witnessed the kindness that fellow AHRA members show, especially in times of hardship. As an AHRA Director, I will make certain that our organization never loses these traits; that we continue to be the organization that helps one another. I would expand membership by making radiology leaders aware of the benefits AHRA has to offer. I would make networking a priority. Furthermore, I would encourage AHRA volunteerism; as this has been a great benefit to me. I have volunteered for numerous committees during my tenure on the board, including the finance and membership committees. I have participated in task forces involving products/services and mega issues. I have published articles in Link and Radiology Management.

Outside of AHRA, I am a board member of our local Chamber of Commerce, where I have served two-terms as President and one term as Secretary. I am also involved in a nation-wide diagnostic imaging council. My servant leadership philosophy, along with my previous board experiences, would be a perfect match for AHRA. I would be honored to serve a second term on the AHRA Board of Directors.

Cathy Story, CRA, FAHRA
Senior Consultant
Regents Health Resources
Nashville, TN

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I have recently completed 2 terms on the Education Foundation BOD, the last 2 years as Chair. When that came to an end at last year’s Annual Meeting, I felt that I still had more I could contribute to the organization. I was thrilled and honored when I heard of my nomination for the AHRA BOD, as now I would hope to be able to serve in a higher capacity. Having past Board experience I am comfortable with the duties and responsibilities of a Board member. I have knowledge of the tasks that are already before the Board; therefore I will be able to hit the ground running. I have over 30 years of imaging management experience in a large multi hospital/out patient network, and most recently as an imaging consultant. This knowledge will transfer well to the Board environment and the situations they face as they work to make the AHRA brand name the leader in imaging management.

Cindy Winter, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Radiology
John Peter Smith Health Network
Fort Worth, TX

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Nearly 25 years ago my life changed with a diagnosis of cancer and I could no longer remain as an active member of the United States Merchant Marines and USCG. Faced with the challenges of having to reevaluate my career choices, I was touched by many caring imaging technologists throughout my diagnosis and treatment. As a patient, the care these individuals afforded me, helped me to determine the future direction of my life. I began my second career as a radiology technologist and sonographer with a goal of becoming an imaging administrator. Along my leadership journey, I was introduced to the AHRA by my co-worker, mentor, and dear friend. That was way back in 2004! All I can say is THANK YOU to those who have served before me on the AHRA Board of Directors. Your efforts have paved the way for myself and so many others to become efficient and effective leaders in this ever changing industry. I have grown under the guidance of AHRA, and worked on many levels to serve others in the organization. I have had the honor of serving on the RACC for the past 3 years, 6 years on the Curriculum Committee, presented numerous times at the Annual and Spring Conferences since 2009, AHRA Liaison to the SDMS and AHRA Liaison for the Consensus Conference for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders. I believe in the AHRA and would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors representing you, our AHRA members because you are not just my peers… you are my family.


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