Member Appreciation: January 2020

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Here, we warmly welcome new members, and recognize any recent successes among members. If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, announce a promotion, or make us aware of an accomplishment please let us know.

New Members (January 2020)

Please join us in welcoming our 73 newest members who joined last month! (Want to reach out and welcome someone? Visit our member directory!)

Mary Acly, Baltimore, MD
Christeen Allara, Carson City, NV
Alfio Banegas, New York, NY
Belinda Baril-Michel, New York, NY
Heather Beaulieu, Portland, ME
Lindsey Berkowitz, Portland, ME
Amar Bhatt, New York, NY
Mark Blackmon, Andrews, TX
Megan Blake, Portland, ME
James Carey, Glen Burnie, MD
Vicki Close, Baltimore, MD
Marybeth Couture, Portland, ME
Jordan Crist, Montgomery, AL
Brooke Davis, Stevenson, AL
Dena Dempster, Newport News, VA
Ralph Dumke, Iron Mountain, MI
Kacy Elwood, Baltimore, MD
Kourtney Farrow, Hoschton, GA
Salvatore Fevola, New York, NY
Barrie Fitzsimmons, Bethlehem, PA
Jason Gaudet, Portland, ME
Tamra Gomez, Waco, TX
Peter Gonzalez, New York, NY
Jill Gower, Bethlehem, PA
Carolyn Greene, Baltimore, MD
Tracy Greer, Hoschton, GA
Kelly Haar, Portland, ME
Brady Harms, Fargo, ND
Houman Hayatgheyb, San Jose, CA
Angie Heaney, Franklin, TN
Angelo Hernandez, Union City, CA
Tyrone Holmes, Medford, OR
Christy Hood, Phoenix, AZ
Vicky Johnson, Portland, ME
Jason Jorgenson, Fargo, ND
Adam Joshi, New York, NY
Robin Judman, Houston, TX
Diane Klassen, Winnemucca, NV
Kathleen Lalouche, Portland, ME
Danny Layton, Brownsburg, IN
Irene Leech, Richmond, CA
Rayna Lugo, New York, NY
Robert Lujan, Gilroy, CA
Julian Marshall, Los Altos, CA
Kimberly Moran, Williamsville, NY
Chris Nelson, Asheville, NC
Pearl Niles, New York, NY
Christopher Paul, Prattville, AL
Guillermo Pazmiño, New York, NY
Jennifer Petronaci, West Milford, NJ
Deepak Rao, Hinsdale, IL
Cheryl Ray, Albuquerque, NM
Luis Rodriguez, Carson City, NV
Tanna Ruiz, Discovery Bay, CA
Kelly Schultz, Fredonia, KS
Neeran Seth, Fargo, ND
Alicia Seyfried, Bethlehem, PA
Jennifer Sherwood, Portland, ME
Victor Sisneros, Phoenix, AZ
Shelley Skinner, Indianapolis, IN
Mark Smith, New York, NY
Pierce Solberg, Baltimore, MD
Gretchen Stiner, Baltimore, MD
Hartwell Strain, Memphis, TN
Kary Stringham, Jber, AK
Angela Thompson, Wauwatosa, WI
Kelley Thounlasenh, Milwaukee, WI
Robert Trimboli, Ripon, CA
Brook Underwood, Willoughby, OH
Elisa Velasquez, Orosi, CA
Amanda Wagoner, Madisonville, KY
Angel Whitaker, Hoschton, GA
Daniel Yoo, Northridge, CA

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send contact information to our membership department at


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