Osborn Scholarship – Annual Meeting

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By Nikole Marschman RT (R)

When I first found out I was awarded an Osborn Scholarship for the AHRA 2019 Annual Meeting I was ecstatic! Prior to the notification, I was hopeful because It was not my first time applying, and this time I made sure I was very thorough when filling out my application by listing the challenges that I was facing as a department manager and what I was hoping to bring back from the conference.

I had decided that while attending the conference I would complete the Basic Management Skills Program. Prep work prior to the conference included making a list of questions I hoped to have answered, taking in all the information on the Annual Meeting web page, and compiling a list of types of vendors that I hoped to meet with at the Exhibit Hall. I challenged myself to earn the maximum amount of continuing education hours that I could. Why not? What an amazing opportunity to have!

The Basic Management Skills Program did not disappoint. Attendees were provided a book of the handout information. There was plenty of space for note taking. Alongside my handout book, I kept a small notebook. This was a running list of high priority “to-dos” for when I returned from the conference. Each presenter also took questions from the class. It was interesting to learn about the challenges others face in their facilities and how they worked to overcome these challenges. I learned so much during this program and the best part was that it was geared toward my role as a radiology manager.

In addition to the Basic Management Skills Program, I attended the three General Sessions (keynote speakers), several of the exhibitor symposiums, and explored the exhibit hall. All three of the keynote speakers were phenomenal! The messages that the speakers brought to the conference were just what I needed to hear to energize myself on my path as a leader at my hospital. The large exhibit hall contained lots of the latest products and services. I was able to find solutions for all of my vendor questions and then some. I was happy to bring back information on some new products that will benefit our technologists and patients.

The 2019 Annual Meeting ended with a fun “Rockin’ in the Rockies” theme party. Although the weather did not cooperate for an outdoor setting, as the Design Team had hoped, it was still a great time. Food, dancing, and photo booth fun!

Thank you to the AHRA Education Foundation and donors for making scholarships such as this possible. It was an amazing experience to attend the 2019 Annual meeting. I learned so much from the keynote speakers, presenters, and other attendees.

Nikole Marschman RT (R),is the Radiology Manager at Jefferson Community Health & Life in Fairbury, NE. She can be reached at nikole.marschman@jchealthandlife.org

The Osborn Scholarship provides support for AHRA members to participate in AHRA conferences. Osborn Scholarships offer the recipient up to $2000 for the Annual Meeting and up to $1500 for the Spring Conference to support hotel, meal, air, and other travel-related expenses incurred while attending the meeting. The AHRA Education Foundation will pay conference registration fees in addition to the scholarship funds awarded.

Applications for the 2020 Annual Meeting are due May 18.

Applications for the 2020 Spring Meeting are closed.

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