The 2019 RACC Commissioner Ballot is Open!

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2019 RACC Commissioner Ballot is Open

The 2019 RACC Commissioner election ballots are now open! This year, there are 4 CRAs running for 2 seats on the RACC. The results of this election will determine which candidates will join the RACC and help lead the CRA program through 2022.

All CRAs in good standing are eligible to vote. The online election is open until December 27, 2019. You can read the candidates’ statements below and review their full profiles on the online ballot. If you’re a CRA, please cast your vote and help determine the future of your CRA credential!

Candidates listed alphabetically

Curtis Bush, CRA (Candidate for re-election)

Curt Bush

Title: Imaging Services Director

Organization: HCA Houston Healthcare – Medical Center

Address: Houston, TX

It is an honor to have served on the RACC for the past three years, and to be selected to be on this ballot. Over the past three years I have worked with the commission to promote the CRA credential through the industry, personally mentored many leaders, and challenged leaders to validate their knowledge by taking the CRA exam. As a commissioner, I will continue the great work that we have started over the past few years working with organizations like the ACR, RSNA, SHRM, ACHE, and others to recognize the CRA as a national standard in Imaging Leadership. As part of a large healthcare organization, I will work with Human Resources and operational leaders to prefer and/or require the CRA credential in job descriptions and requirements for Imaging Leadership. With continued work and effort, I believe we can make the CRA designation a premier credential in all of health care leadership. Again, it is an honor to be selected to be on the ballot, and I hope to have the opportunity to work for and serve you for another term.

Kevin Ordway, CRA

Title: Practice Administrator

Organization: Radiologic Associates of Middletown

Address: Middletown, CT

I respect the work previous RACC commissioners have done to gain the credibility the RACC and CRA represent. I would love the opportunity to continue this work and the challenge to grow the number of CRA’s and the integrity the credentials carry.

I entered Radiology as a business person, not a technologist and learned Radiology on the job. I am able to appreciate the science and technology plus the business that is Radiology. For 15 years I concentrated on outpatient imaging, the past 5 in hospital operations and as administrator with radiologists. This background, as well as my involvement with professional radiology associations and private consulting has given me a wide range of experience and knowledge.

I am experienced sitting on Boards including MRMS (MRI Management Society) and the National Safety Council. I became a member of AHRA in April, 2011 and earned my CRA in November 2011. This quick response to committing myself as a CRA demonstrates I have the dedication, determination, integrity, skills and knowledge to hold this position.

Tricia Trammell, CRA

Title: Regulatory Compliance Supervisor

Organization: Medical City Plano

Address: Plano, TX

The AHRA is an association that gives so much to its members. Being part of this fantastic professional association has given me the opportunity to make professional connections, volunteer, gain mentors and friends and have my skills validated by the Certified Radiology Administrator credential. The CRA credential has been a great way to show both professionals in our own field and other professionals our dedication to a high level of professional and administrative excellence. I believe in the vision and mission of the AHRA. I promote the AHRA to radiology leaders and encourage those who are not CRA’s to pursue the credential. I believe this is something we can all do as dedicated members of the association. I value the AHRA and would love the opportunity to pair my enthusiasm for the CRA credential with my engagement for the association and my desire to serve it. I would like to use that enthusiasm to increase the number of CRA credentialed professionals and increase the knowledge and awareness within the human resource community about the credential and its value to individual organizations and healthcare systems.

Cindy Winter, CRA (Candidate for re-election)

Title: Director of Radiology

Organization: JPS Health Network

Address: Fort Worth, TX

Nearly 25 years ago my life changed with a diagnosis of cancer and I could no longer remain as an active member of the United States Merchant Marines and U.S. Coast Guard. Faced with the challenges of having to reevaluate my career choices, I was touched by many caring imaging technologists throughout the diagnosis and treatment of my illness. As a patient, the care these individuals afforded me, helped me to determine my direction in life and decide the person I wanted to become. Returning to school and beginning a second career made me that much more determined to succeed in my desire to become an imaging administrator. The CRA examination was the key to my career that allowed me to move from supervisor to manager, and then onto director. The CRA symbolizes the commitment to exceptional standards and care of both the individual candidate and their employer. As a CRA, I try to promote the power and strength of the credential among our newest imaging members on a daily basis. If elected to the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) for a second term, I hope to continue working to make the CRA a more widely-recognized credential among the modality specific organizations such as ASRT, SDMS, and SNMMI for those looking to advance their careers as they grow. In addition, I would like to continue working with healthcare organizations to recognize and support the CRA credential.

The election is open through Friday December 27th – so please cast your vote now and help determine the future of your CRA credential!

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