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By Curtis L. McCloggan Sr. MHA, RT (R)

It is hard to believe that I started my career as a radiographer in 1994. Today, I am a Director of Radiology. As I reflect on that experience, I must acknowledge the AHRA for providing support and guidance along the journey. In 2001, I landed my first of many supervisory roles. The transition from staff to supervisor was difficult. I was used to working independently and getting “things done” by myself but now, I must manage and motivate people that were once my peers. The learning curve was steep. Fortunately, this was also the year I joined the AHRA and began to take advantage of their monthly Radiology Management journal along with other programs and services.

For 19 years, my career has been on an upward trajectory, moving from part-time supervisor, evening supervisor, day supervisor, chief tech, site manager, and now director. The AHRA is not required for career advancement; however it does make advancing easier. I could now network with the different leadership groups to find employment opportunities. Their leadership development series taught me to see imaging from different angles. From the ground level to a bird’s eye view, the AHRA provided the support I needed to become well rounded. For today’s imaging leaders, the AHRA is a vital component to success; exposing members to “hot” topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), appropriate use criteria (AUC), and updates to CMS rules and other accrediting bodies.

To culminate my experience, I intend to sit for the CRA exam. I failed the test previously because I thought common sense would prevail. I did not take advantage of the learning opportunities that I was afforded as a member. This year was different. I studied the text books, utilized the AHRA Online Institute, and took numerous practice tests. I am hopeful and optimistic that I will pass. Becoming a CRA will put the “cherry” on top of my career sundae, as it were. Arthur Ashe, Tennis Great said: “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” Along my journey, I would like to acknowledge that the AHRA has prepared me for my destination.

Curtis L. McCloggan Sr. MHA, RT (R) is Director of Radiology at Saint Vincent Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT. He can be reached at


  1. Excellent article, Curtis! I think we can all attest to the value that AHRA membership brings. Also, thanks for being a member of the membership committee.

  2. Thank you for the heart felt article! I just a few moments ago had lunch with some coworkers; and I shared some stories with them about the great opportunity for relationships, camaraderie. and networking afforded me over the years. This field has been so very good to me!

  3. Thank You for your warm comments. I am proud to say that I have passed the CRA exam and look forward to expanding my role and contributions to the AHRA!!!

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