The Challenge continues…

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By Terry Bucknall, CRA, FAHRA

STELLAR!!! Yes! We “Rocked it in the Rockies”, but can we keep the momentum going and “BLOW the Roof off”?  It’s not like us (AHRA members) to do anything that’s just… OK. We are driven, and strive to be the best and we have four more months to prove it!

Starting in January of this year, the AHRA Education Foundation (EF) Appeal Committee set out to meet a goal of $30k by the Annual Meeting. With your generosity, commitment, and the diligence of the committee, we exceeded the goal by logging $32,581! That’s more than any other past year pre-meeting accomplishment! AND…at the meeting, another $7,847 was raised. $2,526 was logged as committed and $5,321 was raised through our Golf Tournament participation and Raffle Ticket sales.

Here’s a LOUD SHOUT-OUT and THANK YOU to our Appeal Committee members: Cathy Story, Past Chair, Gregory Adamczak, John J. Beall, Tina Checchia, Michael Connelly, Jamie Coder, Sandra Edson, Fredrick Frowner, Scott Lehman, Daniel Neal, Aimee O’Neill, Ryan Pavlak, Joseph Phillips, and Wendy Renneke. You all have been great stewards of our mission. Those of you who were in Denver truly stood out and we missed those of you who could not be there.

We initiated the Legacy Circle this year, with a $500 donation level. Forty-four members opened their hearts and wallets and donated at that level. The Cornerstone Circle was initiated in 2016 with a $250 donation commitment. This year to date, sixteen members have committed to that level. With a total of 190 members contributing; do you understand the impact of what that means? Think of it, if every member only donated $10.00, we have a potential to raise over $54K. That will allow the EF to continue to improve and offer more scholarships and educational opportunities to YOU, our members.

Due to these accomplishments and the dedication of AHRA members, the 2019 Annual Appeal has been the most successful to date, contributing $40,778 back to the education and development of our membership.

With four months remaining in our 2019 Annual Appeal – can we see an increase in the number of members investing in AHRA? Can we keep the momentum and surpass all previous years by a mile rather than just a few yards? Can we break more records? I know I’m setting myself up for more work next year to beat these achievements, but it’s worth it!

Please visit our webpage to learn more about the benefits of the EF and to make your donation, as large or as small as you are able to. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you! The Challenge continues…

Terry Bucknall, CRA, FAHRA is the 2019-2020 chair of the AHRA Education Foundation Board of Directors. She can be reached at


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