Only You Can Help Us Make Education Foundation History!

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By Wendy Renneke

Here we are, in the early days of June 2019 and there is tangible excitement in the air for our much anticipated AHRA Annual meeting in Colorado where we will all be Rockin’ in the Rockies! As a member of the 2019 AHRA Education Foundation (EF) Annual Appeal Committee, I would also like to let you in on a very exciting secret. In fact, we would like to shout it from the rooftops that we are on the verge of making Education Foundation history!

Yes you heard it right, history as in never before. Would you like to know the most amazing piece of our potential EF history making? Well, the most amazing notion behind our ability to make history is that it can, in no way, be summed up in a single piece! Instead our history making can only be realized by the sum of our over 5,000 pieces! That’s right! Our ability to make EF history can only be realized because of YOU, our AHRA Members!

Details… By now, I am certain you would appreciate the details.

In January, members of the 2019 Annual Appeal Committee embarked on a lofty goal of raising $30,000 in member contributions to the EF. Today, I am excited to share with you that as of May 24th, we are officially at 90% of our goal! That’s Right! All thanks to you, our members, and your selfless contributions to our Foundation! We are so close to our goal only because you see the value and impact of the EF! Only because you believe in the EF and its efforts to provide access to the amazing network of information and educational opportunities afforded to our members! Your contributions show our membership that you value the importance of the our National Meeting Scholarships, Dues Waiver programs, CRA exam scholarships and EF support of the AHRA in any way possible to propel the ongoing efforts of the AHRA in promoting continued applied management educational opportunities for imaging leaders across our nation!

At this point, you may be thinking 90%… that’s great! But now I ask you, why stop at “great” when we can literally make history!

This brings me to our secret. Never before in our rich history, has our membership linked arms together in support of the EF to meet our Annual Appeal contribution goal before the start of the Annual Meeting in July! We are so close to our goal (only $3,048 short); that I believe 2019 is our year to make history! You and I together with each member of our AHRA family can absolutely reach this goal! Come join me!

I would like to ask that each one of you become part of EF History by going straight to the online pledge form to make your valuable, tax deductible, contribution to the EF today. How much you contribute is up to you! Would you like to become a Cornerstone Donor with a minimum $250 contribution? A Legacy Circle Donor with a minimum $500 contribution? Or would you like to make a $40 donation and receive an EF donor pin at AHRA 2019 if you are attending the annual meeting? No matter which contribution level you choose, you are voicing your support of the EF. You are making your personal statement that you appreciate and value the vital efforts of the EF that fuel our community.

We are all leaders in healthcare. It’s time for each of us to lead the way and care for the health of our community by stepping up to support our Foundation.

Be a part of the reason we make EF history in 2019. Please make your donation to the 2019 Education Foundation Annual Appeal today!

Wendy Renneke is the Imaging Supervisor at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, WA. She can be reached at


  1. I am happy to announce that we are now only $1,623 from our goal. We need your help to push us over the top!

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