Presenting Your 2019 AHRA Board of Directors Election Candidates

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Elections for the 2019-2020 AHRA Board of Directors and President-Elect will take place May 6-20, 2019, online at  Voting is open to all members in good standing. Emeritus and student members are not eligible to vote.

AHRA President-Elect Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Kimlyn Queen-Weis, CRA, FAHRA
Director Heart & Vascular Services
OhioHealth Marion General Hospital
Marion, OH

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Engagement. Innovation. Relationships. Those are three key words at the center of my professional world these days. They also represent the leadership foundation I would bring to the role of President of the AHRA Board of Directors (BOD).

ENGAGEMENT: I have seen firsthand how an organization can move forward by leaps and bounds when you engage people in the work. That requires a healthy dose of curiosity and an ability to truly listen and help people connect the dots to achieve a common goal.

INNOVATION: Healthcare is changing at a rapid pace. Imaging is changing. Patients and providers are expecting and even demanding change. And our workforce is changing. This is an exciting time that requires us to think outside the box. How do we offer value in new and different ways? How do we “set” the table, not just have a seat at the table?

RELATIONSHIPS: Whether it is our leadership peers, our teams, physicians, or other partners, we need to understand and position our organization with our stakeholders in a way that meets them where they are. What do they need from us? As President of the AHRA BOD, I would not only commit to expanding and establishing my personal relationships to make sure I am serving the organization and our members well, I would also commit to helping to connect people and organizations so everyone has the opportunity to harness the power of working together.

I have been a radiology administrator for 19 of my 29 years in healthcare. I believe my years of experience and my educational background can help bring new ideas for future growth to the AHRA, our membership, and the Imaging Profession. I would be honored to serve in this role and I would bring my passion for the profession and a can-do attitude to helping the AHRA continue to thrive in our changing world.

Jacqui Rose, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Medical Imaging, Telecommunications, IT and Lab
Premier Health- UVMC
Troy, OH

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I have been honored and blessed to serve the AHRA members in many capacities. Starting in 2010 with nearly 6 years of service on the Radiology Administration Certification Commission, followed by election to serve on the AHRA Board of Directors in 2015, then re-election to a second term this past year. I have served in many capacities including the Finance Committee, the Regulatory Affairs Team, and the Executive Committee. This is an exciting time to be an AHRA member and we have an opportunity to explore new, creative ways to elevate our members and profession. With our new CEO Dan Kelsey, now is the time to embrace new ideas and change in a very intentional way to grow the positive momentum we have enjoyed for many years. Imaging Administrators, our members, operate very differently than we did just 3 years ago. Because of that AHRA must continually evolve to meet the changing needs of us, as members. Much like our imaging industry is transitioning from volume to value, AHRA must continue to add value and be the catalyst for the development of professional leadership. It is my goal to assure that every member receives significantly more value than they pay for membership with AHRA. We must be relevant and creative in bringing value to our members and to elevate our professional image. With passion and purpose, I continually promote this profession as the GREATEST on earth; and AHRA is the GREATEST association for Imaging leaders. We have the responsibility to elevate both, for and through our members, by providing them the skills and knowledge to bring their best every day. I would be honored to bring my best every day, if chosen as your next President-Elect.

AHRA Director Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Becky Allen, CRA
Enterprise Director of Radiology
UC Health
Cincinnati, OH 

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I have been active in Radiology Leadership for 17 years, and throughout this time there have been many challenges we have faced in our field. I feel our AHRA organization has addressed these challenges head on and I would be honored to help continue this tradition. As healthcare continues to face uncertainties, we need to ensure we are learning from the past, actively listening in the current, and leading for the future. This includes taking a hard look at how we provide value in the care of patients.

The three main reasons I want to serve on the Board are:

  • First, I want to give back to an organization that has made a tremendous impact on my career and continues to do so.
  • Secondly, I want to be a part of the leadership team as we continue to face the uncertainties and make sure our mission and purpose meet the needs of our members.
  • Lastly, I want to help promote our organization to make certain everyone is aware of who we are and what our goals are.

Nicole Dhanraj, CRA
Chief of Radiology
Guam Memorial Hospital
Tamuning, GU

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My background is diverse in the areas of clinical healthcare, business, and academics, specifically focused on the field of radiology. This broad and in-depth career of experience and skill sets is the foundation for my commitment and contribution impact to the AHRA.

My passion for radiology is evident. Since I joined the AHRA in 2017, I have used this colorful experience to actively support my colleagues and the profession through authorship, presentations, and volunteer work to support the AHRA’s goals.

My experience is proof that I have plenty to offer my radiology brothers and sisters. I plan to maintain the AHRA’s mission through assisting in supporting, planning and fulfilling strategic organizational goals, as well as guide members towards the vision those goals support.

Through my work in radiology at a local and international level, one can see that my vocational direction is to continue to elevate the radiology profession as a Subject Matter Expert, sharing knowledge, or serving as a conduit with fellow board members for problem-solving clinical or business issues, and more importantly, navigating our turbulent healthcare times.

I look forward to working with fellow members to provide critical evaluation and analysis to quickly recognize concerns as well as opportunities for the AHRA especially in tandem with other healthcare organizations. Such an ability can springboard collective capacity to evaluate AHRA’s programs, analyze organizational data, and recommend alternatives whether they are practical, or profitable solutions.

My rich career experience of supervision and management of personnel from various cultures and generations, allows me to practice my diplomatic skills and easily establish and maintain corporate relationships with external partners and internal stakeholders.

I understand the importance of integrity in our profession and to our members. Ethics is the foundation of my practice, and I am committed to my own rules of conduct, as well as oversight of other’s moral codes and principles.

This foundation of practice, diplomacy, and ethics represents the type of Subject Matter Expert and Board Member that will serve with a high standard of moral conduct as a model, and mentor for the AHRA and the members it serves.

Together, with my fellow Board Members, I am proud to continue enriching the AHRA as a valuable asset to not only imaging professionals but through partnerships with our colleagues across healthcare both nationally and globally. I am proud to be an imaging professional, and equally excited and honored to have the opportunity to serve you all!

Paul Dubiel, CRA, FAHRA
Shared Services Manager
UT Health Austin
Austin, TX

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As a member of AHRA since 1993, I have volunteered regularly, most recently as Editor-In-Chief of “Radiology Management”. Over the years, I have seen the organization grow to become a benefit to both new and experienced managers. I would appreciate this new opportunity to serve on the Board as a way to continue to give back to the organization that I have received so much from. By working with the other Board members, we can together do more for the organization, its members, and the profession.

Along with my dedication to the organization, I will bring a commitment to listening to and learning from the members about what is important to them and what they need to grow in the field, and will work with fellow Board members to improve the organization’s service to the needs of its members.

Maureen R. Firth, CRA, FAHRA
Assistant Director, Quality and Regulator Compliance
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, NY

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Radiology is central to my life. During my extensive career, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue many avenues in the field of Radiology; from clinical care to education to medical imaging management.

I bring a unique vision of Medical Imaging Management; having lived and worked through the major advancements in our technology and seen the changes that the digital age brought to the practicing radiographer and manager. I want to provide resources to our membership that gives them all the tools they need for their work, and all the networking capabilities that AHRA brings with its membership.

I enjoy spreading my enthusiasm for the field and all its aspects, especially to our future leaders. Shifting to a position of governance allows us to deliver products and services germane to our members and help shape imaging management and healthcare for the future.

I want to ensure that the next generation of imaging leaders and AHRA are relevant to future healthcare.

Amanda Lynn Garlock
Supervisor of Quality, Training, and Safety for Imaging
Providence Regional Medical Center
Everett, WA

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Having served the past 7 years as a member of an association board, I would like to bring the knowledge and expertise that I have gained to the AHRA and to help propel the organization forward in to a more efficient entity and increase our capability as the premier provider of resources for the professional development of current and future Imaging Leaders.

Gina Greenwood, CRA, FAHRA 
Director, Radiology Services
University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
Madison, WI

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Soon after beginning my Radiology career I specialized in MRI – a technology still early in development. It quickly became apparent that the resources provided by professional organizations would be the key to my success and I became an active member of the Section for Magnetic Resonance Technologists (SMRT). My involvement grew into spending several years in leadership roles within the SMRT. There was so much reward associated with connecting with like-minded people and leading the growth and development of the organization! It was something I knew I’d always want to do.

My AHRA membership didn’t begin until 2009, when my career focus widened from MRI to Radiology in general. The rich resources available and the people I met made me wish I had joined so much earlier. Immediately I wanted to become more involved, make deeper connections, and participate in the growth and success of AHRA. It was an easy next step to become an active volunteer. It’s with pride that I’ve served on the Product Development Committee, been a Rapid Reviewer, worked on the Member Development Campaign, was on the Annual Meeting Design Team, authored a textbook chapter, participated in the Defining our Future Campaign, wrote for Link, and became a Fellow.

My background provides great groundwork for my continued contributions to AHRA. Serving my first term on the board has given me the understanding to provide solid recommendations and offer supportive governance. My manner is approachable and upbeat, and I like to include fun with hard work. It would truly be an honor to serve a second term on the AHRA Board!

Enrico Perez, CRA, FAHRA
Administrative Director
NYU University Hospital
Mineola, NY

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To be nominated by your peers, and fellow Board members is extremely humbling and now I am seeking re-election. As a Board Member, the past 3 years has been an amazing time for AHRA. I believe there is work to continue to prepare the organization and all of it current and future members to embrace the changes and challenges we are all facing. I still have much to offer and give back to an organization that has given me so much over the many years and want to continue to serve all of you. This is the organization that provides its members the ability to network, bounce ideas off your peers, and provides valuable information to help with our positions. The organization then provides us with the resources to assist us in the performance of our jobs such as meetings, webinars and articles. Our books enable members to further develop their skills, advance in their careers, seek further degrees, and become a CRA. If elected to this position, it would give me the opportunity to ensure that educational opportunities given to our members continue to not only meet their expectations, but also exceed expectations. I will work with the industrial experts as well as regulatory experts, with the other directors and committees to ensure our mission is achieved and that we continue to grow and be the resource for imaging professionals in all modalities including Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology and for our military members as they transition from a military life to the world of Public Healthcare. The past 3 years has been amazing with the recruitment and transition of our CEO, and I would like to continue working with him to make AHRA the organization where administrators go to enhance their careers and stay current with technology and ideas, and to have the resources both educational and personal to discuss the latest concepts and challenges.



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