Passion and Commitment to Support AHRA

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By Joseph M. Phillips CRA, MBA, CNMT, RT (N)

Can I just say “wow”? Now normally when my wonderful wife Sandy says “wow” to me, there is an overt tone and supporting facial expression that communicates with a single syllable that I have messed up – BIG TIME! No need for interpretation on that one, I am in the dog house! Thankfully, my use of the term “wow” for this article germinates from observation of the passion, dedication and commitment we continue to realize from our peer AHRA members. Year after year we see great leaders, like you represented through AHRA, continue to support the Annual Appeal with benevolence and charity. For this, I offer you a personal and heart-felt “thank you.” I am a newer AHRA Education Foundation board member, making the decision two years ago to engage and volunteer my time with this wonderful organization. When I reflect on the “whys” behind my decisions to offer support through volunteerism or through charitable donation, I think it often simply comes down to “paying it forward.” I know that without AHRA, my personal tool kit as a leader would have been akin to a glass half full. This year as I turn 50 years old, I reflect on the moments in my life that matter and how each of us can make a difference for the greater good. Our family has taken a step forward with a $500 contribution and I have humbly joined the Legacy Circle of donors. It feels good and it feels right. And now, I ask you to consider joining me with any level of commitment you can afford to help us achieve our annual goal of raising $30,000. Please know that you truly are “paying it forward” and the financial support you provide directly helps fund educational opportunities for our members.

If you are fortunate enough to attend the upcoming Spring Conference in San Antonio, Texas, please consider stopping by the EF booth to make your donation. You can also visit our donor page to make your pledge at any time! A donation of $40 or more will earn you our nifty new donor pin! Additionally, all donors will be recognized at the corresponding giving level on AHRA communications, on Annual Meeting signage, and on the EF webpage. You will also receive the appropriate donor ribbon, and digital donor button for the AHRA Connect Profile.

I am proud to share with our AHRA community, that as of February 25, 2019, we have raised $14,004! I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events, to thank you personally for your continued support.

Joseph M. Phillips CRA, MBA, CNMT, RT (N) is the Director of Clinical Services/Diagnostics at
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. He
is a member of the AHRA Education Foundation (EF)  Board of Directors and can be reached at


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