The Value of Fellowship

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While there are hundreds of AHRA members getting actively involved and giving back to the association and to the profession regularly, only a small percentage have, by virtue of the quality and amount of their contributions, distinguished themselves sufficiently to merit the designation of AHRA Fellow.

Fellowship designation in the AHRA is a combination of professional achievement recognition and acknowledgement of commitment to the advancement of the profession of imaging management. Obtaining Fellow status reflects your personal commitment to continuing education and professional development to peers, employers and the industry at large. It represents a substantial depth and breadth of contributions culminating in many cases, over one’s career.

Using an evaluation point scale and meeting minimum point requirements, members may submit an application for Fellow status. The application requires documentation of contributions and/or achievements over four broad, weighted categories:

  • AHRA contributions, such as serving on the Board of Directors, a national Design Team, or other committees and task forces;
  • Education accrued, including national certification(s) held, advanced degrees, etc.
  • Professional experience (meaning the number of years served in a management role or non-management role);
  • Professional contributions such as articles published, presentations given, etc.

Applications require the sponsorship of a current AHRA Fellow. The role of the sponsor is to assist the individual applying for Fellowship by reviewing the application, determining readiness and if needed, identifying possible next steps if the individual has not yet met the criteria.

The many benefits of Fellow status include:

  • Achievement of an honor that reflects your dedication to the work of the AHRA and signifies your allegiance to the profession of imaging management
  • You demonstrate your personal commitment to continuing education and professional development
  • You are recognized and valued by your colleagues within the Association and become a member of a select group of achievers
  • New Fellows are publicly recognized at the Awards and Fellows Reception during the Annual Meeting
  • You may display the prestigious FAHRA designation
  • You receive a Fellow medallion and lapel pin in recognition of your status.
  • There is no change in dues for Fellows.

Becoming an AHRA Fellow brings tremendous personal satisfaction and allows you to join the distinguished ranks of a select group of colleagues by receiving recognition for your significant, wide-ranging professional efforts.


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