November 2018 CRA Results

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By CRA Staff

Congratulations are extended to the November 2018 class of Certified Radiology Administrators (CRAs). There are currently 1,188 CRAs and CRA-Retired.

The CRA exam tests specific knowledge and skills necessary to lead an imaging team and manage the wide range of tasks involved in imaging management throughout a range of practice settings. For more information about the CRA credential, please visit our website at

Forty one individuals received a passing score on the computer-based exam throughout November to become CRAs. These individuals may be recognized by the credential CRA after their names.

Beth Allen, CRA
Phoenix, AZ

Dennis Brown, CRA
Healdsburg, CA

Shawn Caribardi, CRA
Brighton, CO

Tina Checchia, CRA
York, PA

Jennifer Connors, CRA
Foley, MN

David Dacorro, CRA
Orange Park, FL

Donna Daley, CRA
Manchester, NH

Lisa Davis, CRA
Warrenville, SC

Julee Eing, CRA
Columbus, OH

Gregory Erickson, CRA
El Paso, TX

Elizabeth Gardner, CRA
Osprey, FL

Chrystal Goldschmidt, CRA
Denver, CO

Christine Gomien, CRA
San Antonio, TX

Patrick Hibbert, CRA
Tacoma, WA

Laurie Hogan, CRA
Washington, DC

Theodore Jackson, CRA
Bloomington, IN

Rachel Johnson, CRA
Hollywood, FL

Ian Karbiener, CRA
Casselberry, FL

Joe Klaers, CRA
Saint Cloud, MN

Julie Kralis, CRA
Huntley, IL

Susan Maxwell-Thompson, CRA
Newport, VT

Susan Moody, CRA
Rochester, NY

Tracy Moore, CRA
Kerrville, TX

Phillip Morris, CRA
Elkhart, IN

Carol Morrissey, CRA
Saugus, MA

William Moss, CRA
Asheville, NC

Jessica Murayama, CRA
Irvine, CA

Ellen Nicholas, CRA
Suwanee, GA

Divyesha Patel, CRA
Bartlett, IL

Arnaldo Pino, Jr., CRA
West New York, NJ

Nino Sandoval, CRA
San Antonio, TX

Stacey Sellers, CRA
Greenville, SC

Nicole Shama, CRA
Auroro, CO

Jefferson Sickles, CRA
Clancy, MT

Joseph Simek, CRA
Ocean Springs, MS

Daniel Spivey, CRA
King William, VA

Katherine Teisher, CRA
Colorado Springs, CO

Niki Thompson, CRA
Monterey, CA

Melinda Walker, CRA
Lexington, KY

Michelle Wiles, CRA
Hancock, MD

Amy Wohlleben, CRA
Spring Hill, FL


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  1. Congratulations to all of you! You have taken the challenge and can now reap the benefits of your new certification! I look forward to seeing you all in Denver in July!!

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