Quality Leadership Takes Lifelong Learning

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By David S. Partridge, CRA, FAHRA

We have all heard the saying, “The only thing that stays the same is change.” Another saying that has stuck with me came from a medical director I was lucky enough to work with, Dr. Frank Dono, who stressed to all of his residents, co-workers, and peers, “Never pass on a chance to learn.” In both our personal and professional lives, we all expect changes every day. My daughter teaches me about a new emoji, a new app, or a new way they are teaching kids to do math every day. (Seriously, if you have not seen how they teach long division now, don’t ask a 10 year old; it will make your head spin.)

In order to keep up with all the changes in radiology, we have to keep up on our learning. Through using the member forum on AHRA Connect, talking with vendors, reading research papers and magazines, or attending the recent AHRA Annual Meeting, we all have to keep learning about bettering our leadership. The CRA credential shows that you have mastered the skills needed for leading in the field, and the continuing education requirements show that you are a life-long learner keeping up with the changes in imaging.

At the recent AHRA Annual Meeting there were 49 hopeful future CRAs who took advantage of the CRA Exam Workshop. They spent an entire Sunday in Orlando getting ready to be the next leaders with the CRA designation. They were able to take advantage of classes in each of the CRA domains and networking with others working towards the same goal.

Also during the meeting, the CRA reception was held on Monday evening. There it was announced that the CRA exam scholarship that is presented by the AHRA Education Foundation will be renamed the Kathryn Keeler Memorial Exam Scholarship. As AHRA’s CRA Coordinator, Kathryn was an integral piece of making the credential what it is today. The deadline to apply for those taking the November 2018 exam just passed but will be available again next year for the May and November 2019 exams.

We were also able to recognize Bette Drescher, CRA, for her service on the RACC. This year she will complete her second term (the maximum allowed by our bylaws) as a commissioner and has been the RACC chair for the past two years. Her guidance has been greatly appreciated.

We also recognized Jenna Hulscher, CRA, for her assistance with our election nomination process. Last fall she participated in the interview of all of our nominees. We will soon be sending out a request for nominations of commissioners for the 2018 election slate, so start thinking about great leaders that you want to help lead this commission.

Our public commissioner, Sheryl Jackson, recently resigned due to outside commitments. If you know of someone that you think would be helpful to the team that does not have a current tie to the radiology field, please let us know.

We finished the celebration with a picture of all of the CRAs that made it to the reception. Photographer Harry Butler corralled sixty-one people and captured the camaraderie that infected everyone that evening. We hope to add even more of you to the photo next year!

Dave Partridge, CRA, FAHRA is an account executive for Prestige Medical Imaging and can be reached at dave.partridge@pmiteam.net.

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