2018 Award and Scholarship Winners

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On Tuesday evening, we honored award recipients, new Fellows, and scholarship recipients with a special reception. The full list of 2018 award and scholarship recipients is as follows:


President’s Award:

Maria Elsa Flores

The President’s award is given to an individual who has inspired, influenced, and/or developed a strong bond with the president during his/her career.

As she presented the award to her mother, Angie Bush said, “There was really only one person I could truly give this award to. You see, as a single mom of 3 with only a GED in hand, she implanted in me the courage to leave the past behind and to always look forward… Thank you mom, for never allowing me to settle for the moon but to always shoot for the stars. You are an example of grace, love and courage. I am the leader I am today, capable of standing before this group of professionals because you taught me what true courage is. I promise I will never forget your lessons and will always do my very best to live up to your expectations.”


Gold Award:

Bruce Hammond, CRA, FAHRA


Award for Excellence:

Larry J. Campbell
Paul Claus, CRA
Pamela H. Colburn, CRA
Amy Decker


Gary Boyd Editorial Awards

Outstanding Column

“The Heart of a Leader”

Charles D. Stamper, CRA


Outstanding Article

“Patient and Family Centered Radiology”

Carrie Stiles, CRA



Fellow Designation:

John J. Beall, FAHRA
Curt R. Bush, CRA, FAHRA
Gina Greenwood, CRA, FAHRA
Billie S. McKee, CRA, FAHRA
Kevin E. Smith, FAHRA




Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship:  

David Dacorro
Brenda Heideman
Brandon Holt
Theodore Jackson
Mycal King



Kudos to the 2018 Member Recognition Team for their hard work & dedication!

Chair: Danielle Henricksen, CRA
Amy Hollis, CRA
Scott Mattes, CRA
Gregory Warren
Shannon Wilson

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