Strategies and Helpful Hints to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

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Jason ScottBy Jason Scott, MBA, FAHRA, CRA, RT(R)(MR)

Radiology departments are challenged every day to provide the best possible care to their patients. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between patient experience and the following factors:

  • Improved quality and safety outcomes
  • Improved financial performance
  • Enhanced market share
  • Increase employee satisfaction/retention
  • Improved response to accreditation standards

In order to foster a culture based upon the patient experience, it is up to radiology leaders to engineer an environment dedicated to providing the very best patient care. Specifically, radiology leaders need to lead with empathy in order for employees to reciprocate these empathic behaviors toward their patients and co-workers. To create an empathic culture, leaders must be self-aware of their actions in order to develop a trusting relationship with their employees. Leaders who are empathic earn confidence from their employees because they understand the problems their employees are facing.

There are many common themes that lead to not only high employee satisfaction, but also to high patient satisfaction. Recognition programs and simple, but effective patient interaction techniques can set a radiology department apart from other departments within a healthcare facility.

It is also important to know what leads to patient dissatisfaction and what can be done to avoid it. Since patient satisfaction is becoming more data-driven, radiology leaders need to “know their numbers” in order to become more well-versed in the areas that need improvement.

To learn more details about ways to improve the patient experience, please join me at the AHRA Spring Conference where I will present, “Strategies and Helpful Hints to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores.” Hope to see you there!

Jason Scott, MBA, FAHRA, CRA, RT(R)(MR) is the chief patient experience officer and director, Imaging/Cardiac Diagnostics/Pulmonary/Neurodiagnostics/Wound Care at Witham Health Services in Lebanon, IN. He can be reached at

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