Junior Manager: Giving Back

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By Tina Checchia, MBA, RT(R)(CT)(MR)

I am using this edition of the Junior Manager column to talk about an incredible organization that is near and dear to my heart. It is an integral part of AHRA that provides members with countless educational opportunities for professional growth and development. These career changing resources include: scholarships to the spring, annual, and fall conferences, CRA exam scholarships, the Partners in Learning program, support for Veterans, and so much more. I am talking about the one, the only, AHRA Education Foundation (EF).

The EF’s Annual Appeal is ready to ramp up into full gear. Believe me when I say that I am not the “soliciting” type. I am not the person who asks other people for money. The fact is that I am a recipient of the EF’s generosity, and I was called to pay it forward.

Last year was my very first year as an AHRA member. I applied for two EF opportunities and was awarded both. The first scholarship allowed me to attend the AHRA Annual Meeting. What an experience! The education and symposiums, the keynote speakers, vendors, networking, and the “family” ignited a desire in me to get involved with AHRA. I am a single mother, and my company does not reimburse for educational conferences. If it wasn’t for the Osborn Scholarship, many conferences would have passed by before I made attending one a priority. Now, because I know the value, you will see me every year (so say hello). I am going to Disney World!

The second was the Partners in Learning program, which allowed me to work with Ernesto Cerdena at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center. I strongly encourage everyone to participate in this program. I spent three full days under Ernie’s mentorship. He made me feel like a welcomed teammate, not a mere visitor. We bounced ideas off each other. Ernie designated one on one time with me and allowed me to join him in several meetings. It was a true partnership that provided me with real world education.

I can’t emphasize enough what receiving these two opportunities meant to me. I hope that my experience ignited a desire in you. Can you feel why the EF is so important to our profession? I am calling every member into action. We are over 5,300 members strong. I am challenging everyone to make a contribution to enhance our profession by developing even more competent and capable leaders. The amount of support raised directly correlates with how many people will benefit from your generosity in the years to come. I can attest firsthand that scholarships have potential-unlocking superpowers.

Let’s break this down a bit. It is math time! If every member donates:

$10, that is over $53,000. ($10 dollars is two Starbucks coffees. I am confident there are a lot of coffee or tea drinkers. Make it at home twice this year.)

$15, that is over $79,500. ($15 is the price of a movie ticket. Wait until the movie is available to rent just one time this year.)

Last one, $25 that is over $132,500 …. Wowzers! ($25 is dinner at a restaurant. You know what I am going to ask. Skip one night out this year.)

The lesson here is that small contributions from a large group of people go a very long way. Together, everyone really does achieve more.

AHRA is filled with many generous individuals. I know many people already have different organizations and charities that they already give to regularly. This year, please consider giving a little or a lot (for all of you overachievers) to the fund that truly gives back to AHRA members and to our profession, the EF. Please click here to donate now.

Thank you in advance from someone whose heart was touched by your generosity. Go team AHRA!

Tina Checchia, MBA, RT(R)(CT)(MR) is the imaging services manager at UPMC Pinnacle Memorial Hospital in York, PA. She can be reached at Tina.Checchia@pinnaclehealth.org.

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