Broadening My Knowledge Base

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By Fianka Major, RDMS, BA

While searching the AHRA website one day, I came across the Partners in Learning Program. As I read more about the program and the articles written by other radiology administrators who had participated in the program, it piqued my interest even more and I made the decision to apply; a decision I will never regret. My application was accepted, and I was matched with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

My goal for visiting CHOP was to observe the daily operations of a well established health institution and to see what new advances and opportunities I could implement at my institution in the Bahamas. We are a general hospital and see fewer pediatric patients than CHOP; however, I was very keen on seeing how CT dose management is done in a specialized pediatric setting.

The employees of CHOP truly welcomed me at their facility. They ensured that I was exposed to the culture and climate of their organization and were readily available to answer my questions. I also had the opportunity to participate in some educational sessions being offered. My favorites were observing an ultrasound contrast study as well as learning about the fetal life program, which I hope one day can be introduced in the Bahamas.

This was truly a humbling experience. I would highly recommend this program to any manager as this allows one to broaden their knowledge base and form new relationships that can last a lifetime. I would like to reiterate my gratitude to Mr. Chris Tomlinson, Ms. Chris Harris, and their team at CHOP for making me feel welcomed during the time spent; as well as the AHRA Education Foundation for giving me the opportunity to expand my leadership knowledge.

Fianka Major is the imaging supervisor at Doctors Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas. She can be reached at

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